Monday, December 24, 2007

All I Want For Christmas is my Two Front Teeth!!!!

As you can see my six year old is toothless. He lost his first tooth on the way down to disney the week of Thanksgiving, and his second wrestleing with his dad, yeah.... his father knocked it out. No worries it was already loose. SO....anyway he was finally able to go and tell santa for himself that he wanted NEW TEETH and, some other things as well!!!

We went to Fiesta Texas, mimaw got us all passes again this year for Christmas, and they have whats called holiday in the park. The park is lit up with lights and they have several christmas shows and SANTA is even there.

The first thing we did was get in line to see him.....and let me tell ya, if you havent taken your child to see him yet....this is the place. He was the most BEAUTIFUL santa i have EVER seen....just wonderful.

Here is some pics of the kids anticipating santa......Landon was SOOO cute he practiced his smile over and over. I would say "show mommy how your gonna smile" and he would get a HUGE grin on his face.....too cute here he is practicing, and if you know Landon, you know he HARDLY ever smiles in pictures so it shows that he is TRULLY excited.
And finally here they are with the big guy himself, SANTA!!! Landon was sooo excited, till he grabbed him and sat down with him then all hell broke loose, if you look closely you will see that landon is holding a candy cane, that was the only way he would let santa hold him. OH WELL it came out good in the end!!! And I think Logan will get his teeth back too!!