Monday, December 3, 2007


I had ALOT to complain about this past weekend, You see I decided to brave the heat and have a GARAGE SALE. I know I know, im not too smart, however for two days I was out in the blistering heat selling all the crap that had been collecting in my closet and garage of course. And I had NO idea how much work these types of shinanigans actually took!!! Dont get me wrong this is not near my FIRST garage sale, when my mimaw or mom would have one I would kindly bring over all the clutter from my home to make a couple of extra bucks....but i must addmitt never did I have to do much more than lay out my items on the table and sit around and collect the dough. Nope, this time, it was all me....and lindsay of course. :)

Now I could go on and on about how hot it was or how rude people can be, but what took me from a somewhat flustered attitude to a down right ANGRY attitude, really had NOTHING to do with the garage sale.

There is nothing NOTHING i say, that causes heart ache like the heart ache you feel when you realize your child has had his feelings hurt by one of his friends. Or is being picked on.
Now I have had three birthday parties in this house, one when Logan turned four, shortly after we moved in, one when he turned five this past september, and one in January when landon turned one. Not only did i invite my WHOLE FAM DAMILY. But i made sure not to leave out ANY of the children in the culdesac we live on. There are 4 girls 3 boys not includeing mine.
So one of these girls decided to have a birthday party and not invite my child. Mind you I was already in a foul mood, I watched as my little boy got on his scooter and ride past their house all smiles as he cried out after them "HI MICHEAL, HI LUIS, HI ISABELLE!!!" it was enough to make me want to punch someones parents right in the face. I was LIVID, and I made sure to let every one know "HOW DARE SHE" HOW DARE HER PARENTS" "IVE ALWAYS INCLUDED HER" and i made sure to tell my son "YOU WILL NOT PLAY WITH HER" " YOU DONT NEED FRIENDS LIKE THAT" etc etc. I reacted without hesitation and was HELL bent in putting those people in their place. But what happended next just put ME right in my place.

My child didnt seem to be bothered at all, infact he reacted the way that Christ would have. He remainded calm and said to me "But mom, she is my friend, and I love her" And that was that. He was willing to forgive her even without apology. He wasnt concerned with material things such as parties, he made the decision that their relationship was more important to him, and that a party didnt merit the end of it. He was willing to be kind no matter what. And I couldnt be prouder.

It has really lead me to seek God on this matter, I consider myself to be a VERY forgiving person. And for those of you who know me im sure you would agree, And I get LOTS of grief for it. However there are some DEEP hurts in my life that I just cannot seem to let go of.
I ran across this article today, It helped explain what the bible teaches about forgivness. Very interesting, thought I would pass it along. Please, let me know what you think.

Here it is: