Friday, December 21, 2007

Making Cookies with the Loalbos

So its Christmas time, and one of my FAV memories as a child is making cookies with my mimaw, I LOVED decorating them after they had cooled, and so I carry on the tradition with my kids. Here are some pics of the boys joining the wonderful family tradition.

Here they are patting and rolling out the dough.

Pat Pat Pat Ma Ma

Now on to the cookie cutting. We had a bell an angel and a Holly leaf.

Time to add the sprinkles!!!

Its not cookie making if you dont get to sample the dough, Landon got soo excited he put his face onto the table to take a bite.

We got a lil messy so then it was time to take a bath while the cookies baked

After our baths while the cookies were cooling we pretended the icing was some sort of laser they had a blast chasing each other around pretend shooting.

Logan and I put on the finishing touches.