Monday, December 24, 2007


So We had our Big Adams Family Christmas Party last night, which was so much fun, i have a HUGE family and this year we could BARELY all fit inside my late papas home. We had the traditional Adams family christmas dinner of tamales and rice beans etc etc. Then the kids opened their million and one gifts from the million and one family members, and then it was time for the adult fun.

We always play Chinese Christmas, every person brings a gift to contribute. You draw a number, and number one starts off the game....they pic a present open it and then go sit down, then number two has the choice of stealing that gift or opening gets crazy and of course if you have more than one family member (in your imediate family ) playing, then you can pretty much have any present you want (DAVID!!!) my cousin David even went so far as to steal SEVERAL presents from a sweet senior citizen who ended up with tools!!!! Can you believe that??? Ha ha ha all in good fun. Anyway after you have the gift three times it becomes yours. LOTS OF FUN!!!
I will be posting pics of the fam later but i wanted to post pics of the fun the boys had with some of the gifts they got.

Here is Logan and Landon playing with the tent they got from Pop and Nana and their uncles (my dad stepmom and brothers) Logan had a ball BUT Landon was not so sure about crawling through the tunnel.....these pictures crack me up because he is staring at it as if it is going to eat him alive!!!

Then on to the next toy which is a rocket launcher thingy. My boys are finally getting to the age where sibling rivalry kicks in ( OH JOY) they fight over EVERYTHING!!!! Here they are outside launching the rocket. Landon hasn't quite figured out the joy of sharing, and is NOT happy about exhibiting it!!!