Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Is Someone Getting the Best of you??

I guess the theme of my life over the past year....or the thing in which God was trying most to teach me, was how to forgive..FORGIVENESS. So if your tired of hearing about it, I'm sorry to say here is another one moving in that direction.

Ive been spending alot of time reading over the past few months, and I'm loving all that the Lord is teaching me....sometimes i get overwhelmed with the amount of wisdom that is coming my way, I've even had to pray that the Lord would help me to retain it all. But i LOVE it. Anyway, I've read this amazing book by Beth Moore called "Get out of the Pit" I was looking back over my notes i wrote down during the time i was going through the book and i wanted to pass on some of the wisdom from it.

First of all I love it when Beth Moore begins to talk about the life of Joesph....remember Joesph was the one with the coat of many colors, the one whose father loved him most, and whose brothers hated him. They hated him sooo much they threw him into a pit and went and sat down to have a nice lil picnic.

Now in situations like this where an innocent person is wronged people tend to look to God and wonder "WHY GOD??" I know i do....in fact i do that on almost a daily basis, especially when i decide "maybe ill watch the news tonight" thinking maybe they will have something positive to talk about and then end up getting blindsided by the story on the baby who was beaten to death or the child that was left all alone for days.... but Beth Moore says something that is key about being thrown into a pit.....

"God did not haphazardly or accidentally let Joesph's brothers throw him into the pit. He had already thought it out in advance. He had looked at the good it could ultimately accomplish, the lives that could be helped and even saved. Then and ONLY then in his sovereign purpose did He permit such harm to come to His beloved child."

Now listen up people.....I'm not saying that the things God does are always easy to handle. But lets always keep in mind that he does have a purpose. Always. And if we seek Him first He will always lead us in the right direction.

So lets look again go back to Joseph....He went through ALOT....he was thrown into a pit, pulled out of the pit and sold into slavery by his OWN brothers, accused of adultery, thrown in jail, and not until several years later was he released. After going through ALL of that the Pharaoh found favor in him, and he was made second in command in all of the kingdom, he was also reconciled to his brothers. So you see The Lord had a plan, and had he not been thrown into a pit.....he would NEVER had been in the position he was several years down the road.

That leads me to the forgiveness issue. One thing that I have learned from another book i have been reading "Changes that Heal" is that when you are wronged you have every right to be upset or to call sin a sin. Mourn, grieve, be hurt, get angry, whatever you so choose to do. HOWEVER, there isn't a specific allotted time period for that, but you are expected at some point to own those feelings as your own choice, let them go or forgive, and MOVE ON!! You have got to realize that how you respond to hurt can affect your life and the lives of those around you.

*Remember, forgiving someone does not mean you are saying what they did to you was right. It is releasing yourself and them from the prison or pit you have fallen into because of the unforgiveness.

Beth Moore says "A pit is an early grave Satan digs for you in hopes he can bury you alive.....

Wow!!! it makes me think about all the times i was upset with people in my life, and how when there name came up in a conversation it would send me straight into a HORRIBLE mood. He was BURYING me alive in my unforgiveness towards these people.

She goes on to say "God changed the way I looked at the entire situation when I began to see that my grudge against people who hurt me only strengthened the grip of my bondage to them.....Our grudges only work to further entangle and emesh us with the persons we wont forgive."

I want you to also understand that when you forgive someone that does not mean that he or she needs to be let back into your life (now don't get me wrong you can if you so choose to). It again simply means you are letting yourself and them out of the prison the enemy intended to bury you alive in.

I hope this wisdom that God has asked me to share with you today has helped you to see that there may be a situation where may need to extend some forgiveness.

In closing my question is: Is someone getting the best of you??? Because you should be giving your VERY best to your Holy God and those closest to you. Don't waste your best on holding a grudge.

Here is a verse that you can dwell on that ties it all together.....

Genesis 50:20 You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.



Mindy said...

Good insight! I think we are running parallel to eachother in our walks! Forgiving, releasing, but not allowing the abuse to continue. And trusting in God's sovereinty through it all, alongside of you!