Monday, February 4, 2008

I know...

I've been completely uninspired to write lately, though i promise i will soon.....however i am behind on updateing you with pictures as well so here are some of lil mans bday party!! ENJOY!!!
the cake, this was a PAIN in the butt to make but i think it came out pretty darn cute if i do say so myself. Nana helped with the icing.....
Happy birfday to ewe.....
blow out the candles ne ne (thats what landon calls himself)

mmmm yummy nammy (thats what him calls amy :0) )

Time to open the presidents , obviously something was very funny

OOOH TOOOODOOLES (you have to know mickey mouse club house to understand ;) )

this is the present aunt amy gave him, it is his FAV
it is a BUBBLE blowing machine!!! rediculous amounts of bubbles come out, hours of fun!!

He had a royal blast chasing around the bubbles and trying to eat them of course;)

Me and my Mimaw

Me and my nana

I had forgotten to take a pic of him with his new bike, he wants to be like his bubba sooo bad, he was THRILLED to get a bike for his birfday, so here he is with it all proud and what not!!


Mindy said...

oh my goodness!! He is getting so big! and cute as ever! glad to know you are a blogger!!