Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My Oldest

Is the best most well behaved child on the face of the planet.....i just love him sooo much, just wanted to take a moment to dote on him.

Logan is the most gentle hearted, smart, handsome child i have ever met. And im not just saying that, ask anyone who knows him. Hes never really been to into sports, hes more of the artistic type, loves to sing, loves to dance, draw...yada yada....But because he LOVES his daddy so much he agreed to try soccer. And he found he is actually pretty darn good at it. I took several pictures of him that have not been developed yet, but i took a few on my phone. So here he is all decked out in his practice get up. More pics and videos to come soon.


Joey & Stephanie said...

To die for!!! I can't wait to get Taylor back into sports. They're just soooo cute!!

Baird's Blessings said...

He is getting so big. Both of your boys are precious! We have to catch up soon!

Chris Rasco said...

Is he playing for the Y? I'm actually coaching Ethan's U4 team this spring.