Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dinner and A Movie

So this weekend we met up with our good friends Joey and Steph and went to dinner and a movie!!! We saw the movie Street Kings, which as Steph says in her blog left our husbands wanting to be dirty cops and shoot everyone in the theater parking lot. But we stopped them from doing that!!! Anyway we trully had a fabulous time, we dont get out much anymore and to be able to get out with people we really enjoy spending time with was a BLESSING!!! So Happy Bday Joey and thanks for inviteing us to hang, we trully enjoyed it!!!
Me and Jay at the theatre waiting for Joey and Steph!!
Joey opening his bday cards.
Our handsome men.
The Girls
Joey and Steph.

Dang joey give us a moment to get together and smile!!

Much better!!


Joey & Stephanie said...

OK, I know I left a comment here the other day... I love the action shot that Joey got!! Too funny. Thanks for coming out with us. It was great to hang with you guys again.

Staci said...

yeah notice how jay is looking at the tv.....always!!!