Thursday, April 24, 2008


Que the tejano music its FIESTA TIME!!! So naturally the kindergartners made their traditional shoe box floats, shoot i even remember doing that as a kid!!! Anyway today was their Fiesta Float Parade and Fiesta Parties. When I arrived at the school to watch the kinder boys and girls parade around with their floats the hallways were lined with parents and grades they came walking down one of the main hallways the crowd broke out into a roar!!! It was sooo cute to see how proud these little ones were, showing off their beautiful creations!! A few weeks ago Logan and I dug out the crate paper (I have a ton left over from bday parties and baby showers) and began making what I think to be one of the best darn shoe box floats this side of the Rio grande!!! Don't you agree?
It must have taken me hours to paste all those lil crate paper flowers onto that shoe box, when Logan woke up the next morning to see the final result he was sooo excited (seriously it took forever and the poor dude couldn't hardly keep his lil eyes open, so mommy finished it for him) Here is Mrs. Spruill (formerly Mrs. Olvera, she was just married last weekend) starting off the parade.....

Here is what the sign she was holding looks like up close.....

Not far behind her was my lil man showin off his creation, And his tongue!!

Isn't he the cutest thing you ever did see?

And here is Miss Regan Robins!!! She and Logan are not in the same class, but have class rooms right next to each other, they often chat at lunch and after school waiting to be picked up!! Regan told Doug (her dad) that she wanted to marry Logan the other day, Doug made sure to let Jason know that she was NEVER getting married!!! hahaha!! How cute is that?

Here is the P.E. Coach and traffic director!!! Whats funny about this picture is River and Jeannie (Doug's Wife and son ) are sitting like 6 feet from me and i never even noticed.....

This is lil Izzy, she lives across the street from us. Her float is the bomb, I tried to get a good pic of it but they were all walking so even has an Alamo on it and a sombrero!!!

So I wanted to take pictures of some of the floats I thought were cool, to be honest I didn't even really get a good look at any of the kids because i was soo focused on getting shots of their floats......that's obvious with this next picture. I about fell outta my chair when i saw it. I mean seriously i don't mean to be ugly, but I think its time you cut your child's bangs.....would you agree?

This float was one of my favs!!! Too cute!!


So after the parade each class had a is log and some of his buddies enjoying their nachos!!
Here he is with some more of his buddies!!

I had a great time watching the parade and participating in his fiesta party!! So much fun, a brings back some great memories.....maybe it isn't sooo bad living in San Antonio!! I mean we get our own holiday!!! Can't beat that!!!


Joey & Stephanie said...

Too cute! Ashton was so bummed because evidently Kinder is the only grade that gets to celebrate. Isn't that lame? Not even a party for my girl! But Logan looks like he had a blast. Good job on that float Staci, I mean Logan!

Eileen said...

Awwww, I love the floats. Next year Trevor will be in the parade, I bet. Can't believe how quickly they grow up! Why just the other day Logan's mom was snatching choc chip cookies from Gran. lol