Tuesday, April 29, 2008

updates on landon

Some of you may remember back in Oct. of last year that my 2 year old (then one) contracted MRSA otherwise known as Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, yeah i know just nod your head and lets move forward. For those of you who don't remember the situation below I have posted a few emails that I sent out during that time. That should help catch you up....

Updates on Landon


Quick update on my lil man, I'm home for a short while to take a shower (LORD KNOWS WHAT IS IN HOSPITAL SHOWERS) and i wanted to say thank you to the many comments and messages i got regarding Landon. THANK YOU for your prayers, they really seemed to help because his surgery went VERY well and quick and he acts as though nothing happened at all.....the reality is that MSRA (the type of staph that he has) is VERY dangerous, and just today i saw two news broadcasts about it, one of which was CNN.....apparently it is running rampid right now.....I'm just glad i caught it when i did. AND that God protected my son.

His incision was very small but they had to hollow out an inch and a half to two inches deep of infection.....never would have known if not for the amazing doctors Landon has. It did not look on the outside like it was that deep.

PLEASE if you get cut, or anything of the sort, WASH your wound immediately and get antibiotic ointment on it quick.....believe it or not Landon's infection started with a measly mosquito bite (sorry i cant spell)Please keep his lil heart and body in your prayers, as he will have another long day ahead of him (have to change the dressing by removing packed in medicated gauze) and again pray that i will be strong....love staci


I am at home CLEANING (OH JOY) but i am happy to do it cause it puts my mind at ease, even though ive been told it has nothing to do with the cleanlyness of our home.....Landon is at the hospital with Jay getting some rest.....today (like i said in my previous bulletin) Landon had the first unpacking of his wound, when you have an infection such as this it has to heal from the inside out, soooo the wound has to stay open (with the exception of medicated gauze that is packed inside the wound) so today was the first removal after surgery.......jay held him while i watched the procedure because i will have to do the same thing twice a day until healed.....YIKES, he was NOT a happy baby. However God helped me hold it together, it had to be his supernatural power cause i am usually not that together when it has to do with my kids, much less having to stare into a hole in my child's leg......anyway if you do pray please pray specifically for Landon's pain tolerance through the healing process.....AND for Jay and I's strength....and that we would be able to comfort each other....we tend to get angry instead of emotional cause we are naturally not criers.....is that a word?? anyway thanks for the messages and comments of support.....you all are such great friends. LOVE YOU ALL staci

If you feel led, please say a prayer for my son. For his healing. I cant imagine having to deal with this again.


I will be bloggin again tonight to tell you of what the Lord taught me through that situation in OCT. it is awesome. till then


Baird's Blessings said...

My prayers are with you. Through prayer he will fight off any infection!

Staci said...

thanks mel!!! love ya