Monday, April 21, 2008

My week, a wedding and a funeral :(

So my week was pretty packed full of BUSY!!! I mean to tell ya by about noon yesterday I could have fallen flat on my face from exhaustion. But I didn't because i had WAY too much to do.....

*Monday I cleaned the entire house (i often ask myself why i clean, about two seconds later its dirty again, what with my three children and my dog....did i say THREE??? I meant two ;) ) And did about 20 loads of laundry (you think I'm kidding but I'm not!!!)

*Tuesday I had my usual "every other week appointment" Which is a major event in its self because it takes me about a year to get my thing 1 ready for school in the morning and thing 2 takes about double the time cause he likes to be silly and make me chase him down to change his diaper, change his clothes, comb his hair, take your pick!!!

Then to get myself ready with thing 2 running around is almost impossible, by the time i get outta the house I'm ready for a nap!! After my appointment I return to me maws to retrieve thing 2, then off to pick up thing 1 from school. Come home, put thing 2 down for nap, check thing 1's back pack for homework, make thing 1 snack, send thing 1 outside to play so MOMMY can do her daily chore of cleaning.....WHY DO I DO THAT TO MYSELF....maybe i should hire a maid!!

*Wednesday I attempt to work from 9am to 12pm , I say attempt because thing 2 comes along. I work at Joann Neal Dance Studio, I have on and off since 99' first as a Dance Teacher, now as a receptionist....i think I'm getting too old to teach, or maybe its because i have a hard enough time dealing with my own chitlins why would i subject myself to more :) ?? Kidding the kids are GRRRREAT, but the moms are even better!!! I have a BLAST listening to them talk about this weeks gossip!!! They are a HOOT!!!!!! And I get great advice on mothering!! But I must admit it can get a tad crowded in there, and I don't do well with lots of noise and crowded areas....i tend to get a tad claustrophobic. In any case it WEARS me out!!

After "attempting" to work, I headed to Hobby Lobby to find some "Dip Bucket" face paint for Logan's Fiesta Party (yeah i asked the same question) only to find they had sold out of it and the rest was on back order!! So I figured ehh ill try the other Hobby Lobby, BUT WAIT, thing 2 has not had lunch or a nap.....and TRUST ME you don't want to go there with him. So I head home make lunch put him down for a nap all the while hoping he will wake up before I have to leave to pick up thing 1 from school....I say HOPE cause you don't want to wake him up either!!!

Needless to say he doesn't wake I brave the war on my own.....he was NOT a happy camper, throw him in the car with no shoes while he screams "SHOES MOMMY SHOOOOES" go get thing 1 (by this time I am reeeeaaal grumpy cause I've had about 30 mins to myself) We head to the other Hobby Lobby, which wouldn't you know HAS NO FREAKIN DIP BUCKET FACE PAINT!!! WHHHHY does it have to be sooo difficult!! So then we go to Wal mart. I proceed to tell Logan, "if they don't have it here, then your fiesta party wont have face paint!!!" For those of you who are moms you know store visits with your kids are NOT fun, so i don't think i have to go into detail about how this went.....lets just say we found some face paint, and i could have cared less if it was the right kind.

*Thursday I remember I have a funeral AND a wedding to go to....I'm thinking GREAT i have NOTHING to wear....this means i have to brave the land of the mall.....So basically i deal with the usual morning and afternoon routines....then head to Ingram mall (because it has the Disney store and i figure i can maybe bribe my kids to act normal :) ) We purchase toys for each child AND cookies (cant pass by the great American cookie factory with out getting one of those Delicious treats!!) and spend the next THREE hours trying to decide what color, style, length, of dress i should purchase....and don't think for a second i was gonna get two dresses....i learned LONG ago how to please my husband when it comes to shopping, so i went the kill two birds with one stone route!! I ended up purchasing a black strapless dress with a cardigan to go over it for the funeral to dress it down.....and figured when my hubby decided what he was gonna wear to the wedding, i could buy some jewelry to match!! YEAH it took three hours for just a black dress and a cardigan.

*Friday did the usual morning routine only this time i actually had to look decent, so i did my hair and make up, threw my dress and cardigan in the car (cause Lord knows with children anything can happen, i opted not to get dressed till after i dropped him off....and remember this dress has to be worn twice) and headed to me maws. Then i got dressed there and headed for New Braunfels.

I want to get serious for a moment. The funeral that I attended was for my friend Mandy's grandmother (na na) Mandy and I have known each other for what seems like a million years (since we were 8 or 9) and she is truly like family to me, and her family is ALSO like family to me. Nana was an amazing woman. The love that she and her late husband (pop) shared was what i believed to be a TRUE example of what a marriage should look like. They loved one another the way that God always intended a husband and a wife to love. Nana was incredibly healthy, but ever since pop passed away three years ago she just hadn't felt whole. She missed him everyday that he was gone, and told her family that she was "ready" to see him again. Not a few months later after offering up her pleas to God to let her be with her one true love again, she suffered a massive stroke and never recovered. Nana you will be missed. And although i did not know you the way that your true family did, i will always remember how beautiful and sweet you always were to me. May you rest in peace.

After the funeral I returned home and fell onto my couch....i was sooo tired. And i was sooo thankful that my me maw offered to pick up Logan from school and bring Landon home. I got a good 30 min nap. It was amazing. When Jay got home from work we spent the next two hours at the mall trying to decide on what color tie to get so that i could purchase my jewelry and shoes. He chose turquoise and green and black and so i got a turquoise necklace, earrings, bracelet, and shoes for the wedding the next evening.

*Saturday morning Logan's soccer game was at 9 in the flippin morning!! WHO DOES THAT?? So we get up get dressed, drive down the road to the ACYSO soccer fields, set up our chairs (which BTW the field is disgustingly wet and slippery and all i can think about is how dirty my kid and my car are going to be afterward) and the team we are playing only has 4 kids which is not enough for us to play on both fields ( just nod your head and read along cause i really don't feel like going into detail about the fact that we don't play REAL soccer at this age) so basically we completely wasted our morning by watching our kids scrimmage each other!!

After the game we took Logan home to change, and took the kids to Toy Zone off 281 and 1604 area. If you haven't been to this place you must!!! The toys there are toys you don't find in the normal Target, Wal mart etc. etc. All in all it was like being a kid again, i even found stuff there that i would like to play with, or that i did play with as a child. Anyway, we let each kid pick out a toy of their choice (and bought the most amazing invention, A Dripstik!! It is a cup like device for ice cream, it catches all the mess...jay and i both agreed it was WELL worth the 5 dollars a piece) and headed to me maws for a slumber party so that Jay and I could go to the wedding. So we drop them off and head home to get all pretty and handsome and what not.

We make the trek out to Lockhart, Tx where my oldest friend Gianna (when i say oldest i mean the person i have known the longest, kept in touch with the longest....she isn't really old.....shes my age.) and her man have land. We actually arrived an hour early, and I swear Gianna said it started at 5:30, however she was just telling me to arrive at 5:30 that the celebration didn't start until 6. But even still, the wedding was out in the middle of some of their land. The trees were absolutely gorgeous. And she had rented this AMAZING tent. It was HUGE. The colors she chose were absolutely gorgeous, pastel pinks and greens, and brown. It was beautiful. And when I saw her arrive I almost BUST into tears, she looked absolutely gorgeous in her vintage style wedding gown that was covered in beads and tied up around her neck and came low in the back. Her hair was curled half up in neat little knots. And the best part was her vintage PINK cowgirl boots!!! So cute!!! Jay and I didn't know many people there. But it was wonderful to see her family and to see Gianna so in love. Congrats to you and your man Gianna. You did a wonderful job putting it all together it was beautiful!!!

Like an idiot I forgot to bring my camera so hopefully she will send me some pics i can post later. When we returned home we took a few pictures of ourselves to remember this occasion (we don't get doozied up often)

I promise we looked better at the beginning of the night :) and you can tell from these pictures how tired we both were...after this we fell into bed!!

*Sunday we rolled (Literally) outta bed at 9am because my sweet me maw and pe paw needed our help painting. Of course i am not allowed to paint, Jason apparently thinks i stink at it. So I hung out with Landon, my mom and me maw. At about 3 pm (barely holding my eyes open) we headed home to do somethings around our house. OH JOY!!!

Piper needed some SERIOUS attention. Just before we got home we stopped by Wal mart and purchase some hair clippers for dogs. Everything that followed was not pretty!! Lets just say jay and I are not good candidates for dog groomers. Jay ended up getting frustrated and i finished the job. Which BTW took about 3 hours. Here are some pics of my grooming job.

Poor thing never knew what hit say it was an ugly stick :)

So in conclusion, for all you "non stay at home moms" who think all we do all day long is lay around a eat bon bons......i hope this gives you a look into what it is REALLY like for me and my fellow mommy's. Maybe next time your around someone who sacrifices sitting in a cozy chair having adult conversation all day for weeks like THIS, you can give them a nice pat on the back and say something like YOUR AWESOME.

Love to all!!

P.S. If you read this all the way through you are amazing and should win a medal!! Seriously though if its hard just to READ my week, imagine living it!!! OH AND I LOVE MY KIDS, they are amazing beautiful wonderful talented children who just have their everyday kid moments. They are not little hellians i promise!!


Baird's Blessings said...

I totally understand all of this! I am not a stay at home but at one time I was and I have always said mothers who stay at home do just as much work they just don't get paid with dollars, just hugs and kisses! You are an amazing mom. Keep doing a fabulous job!

Baird's Blessings said...

I forgot to add some time you need to take a moment and watch Jon and Kate plus 8. If you haven't seen it before it is about a couple who has 8 kids, a set of twins and then had sextuplates! OMG! Everytime I see it I think dear God how does she do it? I have 2 and sometimes want to pull my hair out! :) Love ya!

Joey & Stephanie said...

Seriously, I love my kids, I do, but I stayed for home for what? 6 months? That was all I could take. YOU'RE MY HERO!!!