Monday, April 28, 2008


Okay so remember my post "Things that annoy me" well.....I TOTALLY caught my husband changing the paper towel roll!!!! But not only did he lift his arm to unscrew the knob on the top of the contraption, and take time out of his EVER so busy life to change the roll, he also turned to me with a HUGE smile on his face to make sure and let me know "You know I am only doing this because of the blog you wrote!!!"

Praise Jesus it is an ever livin MIRACLE!!!

OH NO my sweet friends, not only did it alter the life of MY husband but it ALSO changed the life of another husband that happened to read my i wont DARE mention any names *cough JOEY cough* but he opted to tell me the other day as i was spending time with his wife, and as he was walking from the bathroom with a tp roll in his hand, that my blog had made him think twice about leaving that empty roll sitting there.

Yes ladies your prayers and positive thoughts have worked!!! I will never have to deal with this annoyance again....... And here's to hoping it reaches many more husbands across the universe!!



Stephanie said...

Who ever said God doesn't answer our prayers??