Monday, April 28, 2008

You must be proud, cause I am....

Hold the applause, I KNOW, I'm awesome and i should win a medal.....okay okay ill stop being so conceited. But i must admit, its terribly hard. I mean would you just LOOK at my page.

Did I pay for this you ask?

Why no my dear friends I most certainly did not, I did it all by my lonesome.....okay, not ALL by my lonesome, my near, dear, beautiful talented and wonderful friend Stephanie helped me!!!!

Now for those of you who do not appreciate this feat, you obviously have absolutely NO idea how difficult HTML code can be. I can't believe i even spoke the words HTML code, much less figured out how to finagle it. And by chance if you happened to look at my beautiful, artistic work on this here page, and said to yerself "self, lets check out Steph's beautiful and artistic work" only to find it is not yet beautiful and artistic, FEAR NOT for it is coming......she too is now an HTML code genius!!

I am now stepping down from the stage from which I've held myself oh so high.

Seriously, I'm not serious, seriously......I'm just being silly.....but i really AM proud of my self!!!

ta ta


Baird's Blessings said...

WOW, your page looks great. I hope that soon I can figure out how to imput all of the HTML's. It takes so much time to do and figure out!

Staci said...

well let me know if you need help!! im haveing a blast doing it, im actually thinkin of makin it a part time know some people pay to get their site done!!! of course i would do yours for free!!