Thursday, May 29, 2008

Baylor Booger Bear

Ive had a few nicknames in my short life: Shoes (adams is my maiden name...yeah i know) Adams, sure there were others however my all time fav came from ONE of my lil brothers (I have four brothers three of which are younger) Now when i say lil i mean 9 years younger than when he learned to say my name it didn't come out quite right.....Saucey....cute huh, and kinda sassy....fits my personality for sure. Now my step mom had a few for him as well, and Booger Bear kinda stuck, there are many variations of the name, Boog, Booger, sometimes I find myself still calling him that.

Anyway, Barret is now almost twenty and has decided to go to Baylor......great idea for Barret, not so great for Dad's wallet!!! Anyway, he applied with everyone crossing their fingers (including his awesome girlfriend , who i secretly hope he marries, And who happens to be a Baylor Bear herself) And this past weekend I got a call from my Dad.....he preceded to tell me that HE GOT IN!!!

I just wanted the blogger world to know how truly proud of my lil BOOGER I am!!! He has always been the best lil bro a big sis could ever ask for.....he is a great kid!!!! Congrats lil bro, i love you!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Have I told you lately that I LOVE the sun...

We got fiesta texas passes again this past christmas, and this year ni ni is actually old enough to go and last for more than an i took it upon myself to solicite another couple to get some as well so we wouldnt have to go by ourselves....i managed (somehow) to convince Joey that it would be the best thing he could ever do for himself....and his family....and me....cause my well being is sooo important to him :). Anyway, now we go as often as we can.

This past weekend we went to the water park. I was sooo fun just sitting in the water faceing the sun with Steph, while our hubbies and kids swam around and rode water rides.

After the water park, Ashton (the bravest 8 year old ever) wanted to ride the rattler, and Logan and Taylor wanted to ride the swings and ni ni the we all split up and did our things and met at the front of the park when we were done.

Here is a picture of me and my lil man on the choot choot!!!



Here are some random pictures and my thoughts, seeing as how none of them will make an entire blog, or it would be waaay too many blogs in one day, i decided to combine them all in one for your viewing pleasure......
This is Logan and Landon at different times but about the same stages, WITH the SAME boots.....and sense of style......

They OBVIOUSLY do not get their fashion DNA from me...... I guess we could say they are UBER RETRO!!!

This is the other half of their DNA....

Clearly they got it from him!!!!!

When i was little and my mom would give us a bath she would always do silly things with our hair, example:

Ni Ni is sportin the Flock of Seagulls do, and Bubba the Travis Barker look!!!

Okay I know yall have been JUST DYING to see me in my "Hannah Montanna" get up, so I figured i would grace you with ONE count them ONE picture of me because I happen to come across a pic of landon that looked familiar......Here he is with the hannah look.....

And here I am.........Oh have mercy on me please.......

Im just being Miley.....hahaha yall have to know a miley song to get that.....did i just admit that?? OH COME people know if i wasnt dressed as hannah you would SO want to borrow the wig!!! just admit it!!!

THIS is what I came down stairs too last night,

I about died!!!! HOW??? Can you please tell me HOW anyone can eat an entire watermelon?? Or at least half??? Its ridiculous....and if anyone knows how to get a metabolism like my husbands please.....let me know.....cause i would love to not have to go to the gym every flippin day of my life just to keep the figure that I am SEMI happy with.....

A couple of weeks ago I came home to a new laptop, I needed one to start my business and Jays parents had one they ended up not using so Jay decided to purchase theirs....after nini's bath one night I took him downstairs to hang with his dad and went up stairs for a few mins of mommy time, when i returned....this is how i found this CUTE OR WHAT??? Both on their laptops and in their underoos!!! Couldnt you just die??

Over the river and through the woods to Tmas house we go....

Okay maybe not the river and the woods.....maybe the sidewalk and the grass......

Every Saturday night my Mom and Stepdad take my sweet children off of my hands for the night, it is an awesome gift!!! It gives jay and i the opportunity to spend time one on one or with our friends, and of course it gives me a much needed break....besides they LOVE their tma and tpa ( Tony and Trish are their names thus creating Tma and Tpa) and the best part is they live 4 houses down!!!! They enjoy the time they have together immensly, and my Mom is always taking pictures when they go ride the Choot Choot (ni nis fav) Here they are with their Tpa!!!

And Landon could just not ask for a better big bubba!!! Logan is sooo sweet to him....they love each other sooo much!!!

Random Part 2 coming soon!!!

I ,make the best cookies in San Antonio

surely THAT is why I am up at almost 1 am right???

No, im just trying to convince myself that is why i am up.. im really up because i have HTML running through my brain, it is literally saturating my dreams....i toss and like, "no, don't click on, you have Mozilla, don't do it, NOOOOOO!!!

Sometimes its hard being so laughing right now because i CLEARLY have sooo much to learn about CSS and HTML....

Monday, May 26, 2008

Cant really think of a title....

Okay sorry I was sooo bitter about Mozilla, if you have it, i GUESS you are still my friend, but you should REALLY download IE K?? I was thinkin about how children say the darndest things, and i thought that I should really start writing (or in this case typing) it down so that i can remember these things cause they just grow so fast....and I have a HORRIBLE short term memory....I'm like Dori from "Finding Nemo" for real......

"his son chico.... i mean nemo"

yeah that's if you have told me your name is Casey and I call you Katie....just roll with it, cause its so bad sometimes its sad.....HOWEVER, i can remember my middle school and HS years like they were i guess my long term is still in tact. Maybe ill remember your name in like three years....ha ha

Anyway this is NI NI (pronounced Knee Knee, this is what he calls himself)

He's my youngest, and by far my most rambunctious, silliest, and grumpiest....but he is sooo darn cute it just doesn't bother me at all.....

Anyway, he is not only all those things but he is also VERY sly.....its today ,okay let me back up, yall know i have this thing with play dough, its the devil, its messy, and when it sticks to carpet it is NO fun to clean up!!! Any way, i let Landon (or ni ni ) play with it for like a week straight because i had some work on the computer to do(for our web design business) and it kept him busy when i needed to be on. Anyway during that time there was NO vacuuming so there was ridiculous amounts of dried play dough on the carpet and it took forever to get it all up, after that I swore off play dough for at least a year.....curse all of you who bought it for my children!!! Kidding!! Anyhoo, today Ni Ni spotted a hidden play dough jar and wanted to open it, well we were gettin ready to meet Joey and Steph at Fiesta Texas AND i had sworn it off, so Jay says "no, not now we will play with it another time" Well if you know Ni Ni he is NOT havin this, he throws a WALL EYED FIT, and Jay caves and says
"OKAY you can HOLD the jar, but don't open it!!!"
He says "Okay Da da" in his lil mind he's really thinkin "SUCKER" and he turns and walks into his room and says:

"I close the door da da, I close the door"
Jay about died from hysterics.....

what a lil toot, he must think we are seriously not all there or something.....

Saturday, May 24, 2008


I hate it, and if it were an object i would throw it, in case you are wondering why i pretend my blog looks pretty, and your thinking this whole time "what in the H-E- double hockey sticks is this girl looking at, because its all funky.....YOU MUST HAVE MOZILLA FIREFOX....and you are no longer my friend......if you had IE like the rest of the world, you would see that my blog is fantastic, and that I am indeed good at designing.....and so is steph.....

this is a MAJOR roadblock for our business, and i am having a VERY difficult time figureing out WHY LORD OH WHY our sites look great here on IE (internet explorer) and HORRIBLE on firefox....PLEASE if you know the a brotha out!!!! im dying!!!! i cant handle it!!!

And I am done.......but if someone doesnt help soon, there may be two broken computers.....and thats not good.....

i like to throw things sometimes....:)

Okay not really but i will if i have to.....

Friday, May 23, 2008

My anatomy is feeling...mmmm kinda grey actually!


Whats up with Torres kissing Hahn and Coruev kissin Issy, and the chief kissing his wife, and Gorge kissing or shall i say pecking, but a peck much liked by the peck-E, Mc Dreamy kissing Meredith (fin-freakin-ally) and MCSTEAMY (who happens to be the HOTTEST out of all of them ) gets nothing, zero, zip, zilch, nada, NOTHING.



I'm done, but please don't leave me like this.....someone at least TRY and answer me......

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

When I was a tiny tot, my dad was in a band called lets remember that I was born in 79, just one small year short of being born in the raddest, bad to the bonest, bodacious, gnarlyest decade of all time!!!

My Dad is the one with the feathered hair.........hahaha........okay my dad is the one above the guy with the guitar. On the left....refrain from telling me i look just like him minus the mustache....ive heard that enough to make me want to have plastic surgery...i mean hes a DUDE for Santa's sake!!!! (im practicing not using the Lords name in vain.....santa was all i could come up with)

Anyway Renegade was (to me) the coolest band EVER ,as was every other band they (my parents) played in, they even opened for some pretty famous bands back in the day....I always remember trying to get some shut eye, but not really being able to because of the ruckus going on in the other room where they were practicing.
Some of my fav memories are of me and my brother cuttin a rug at the "Texas Tumble Weed" off of 281 which went on to become Jungle Jims and LA weight Loss and now who knows what resides there, and also the club "Sneakers", even just repeating that name is cool point is that it was then that it happened.....I became ADDICTED to 80's music!! Im talking "Men at Work" "The Outfield" "Aha" "A Flock of Seagulls" "Toto" "Banana Rama" "The Bangles" "Billy Idol" Seriously I could go on and on and on....for days....really.....HOWEVER it would be blasphemy to say that any of those 80's artists were my fav.....because they are FAVORITE all time 80's artist would have to be, HANDS DOWN............wait for it



Now im pretty sure i knew all the words to "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" by the time i was one, and im pretty sure that i learned to dance watching her in the video "Love is a Battlefield"

so it is no surprise that I would almost PASS OUT when I found out she would be in San Antonio......AND fate would have it my Mom's birthday happened to be coming up.......I thought to myself "Self, you are SOOO taking your mom to the concert for her bday" And that I did!!!!

Here are some pics of us celebrating my mommies bday, I love this pic because Landon decided it was HIS cake and HE was gonna blow out the candles.....and then we re lit it and at least let Mom HELP us blow them out.

Now this particular day, which happened to be this past Sunday....I have never in my life experienced such a wide variation of emotions........the two main emotions i felt on this day would be SEVERE HUMILIATION and INTENSE EXCITEMENT.

Why, you ask, would I have experienced such a broad range of emotions on this particular day?

Well my dear friends, I was asked to do something for a family member that I will

A. never attempt to do again, and

B. Never live down.....

EVER.......not even when I am standing at the pearly white gates of heaven will EVEN the Lord himself let me pass through with out snickering at me and asking me "Dear God WHY would you do such a thing?"

WHAT IS IT ALREADY are obviously dying to know....

Yes, I admit, I dressed up as Hannah Flippin Montanna for a young child's bday party and lip sync'd to songs which I hate to admit I know the names of so I wont post them on here.

I digress....why do I digress?? Because I really do not want to talk about fact i am feeling like locking myself in a closet right now.......or crying.......and NO i WILL NOT show you will have to solicit some member of my family for those which I am SURE they will be willing to show you since i am MOST POSITIVE they got a good kick out of it.

No really im not trying to be ugly, because i would do anything to make my family happy, but make no mistake, this one is going down in the history books as the ONLY time Staci EVER did a Hannah Montanna Impression.

MOVING ON to the the ladder, BETTER part of my day.......SO I jetted out of the Bday party as fast as my britches could carry me, and headed home to get ready for the CONCERT OF MY LIFE. Or should I say the SECOND BEST concert of my life, because the first time I saw Pat Benatar was with my Mom and my dear friend Holly Yanta who passed away in a car accident in 1999, and NOTHING will ever replace the memories I have of that night. Here is a pic of me and my momma before we left......

And here is a pic of our ticket into the Municipal Auditorium to watch the show......

The night started off with the opener Omar Lopez, He my friends was amazing!!! He was this electric violin player with a full band to back him up.....AND two awesome backup singers or opera singers or Indian inspired singers whatever you want to call them....sorry the singing was more than i could handle at times, speaking of more than i could handle.....his keyboard player.....OMG or as my blogger friend Heather would say "OH MY STARS" when my eyes lingered long enough from the amazingness of Omar Lopez to get a glimpse of his key boardist I about died from lauging so dang hard.....
Basically, since i have no picture ill just tell you that he looked like he was right from season 6 of American Idol, because he was the SPITTIN IMAGE of SANJIA (spelling?) and lest you think i am kidding, look up Omar Lopez on youtube, listen to his amazingness and dont drink anything when your watching it cause i guarantee you, you will die from hysterics!!! My mom and I must have turned to each other about a million times and made some comment such as "Man, Sanjia is REALLY rockin out" I mean seriously, if you look in the slightest, like him, PLEASE cut your hair!!!!

Then came Pat and Neil....and I just cannot TELL YOU how much they rocked!!! I mean really, I could only dream of having a voice like hers.....especially for however many years shes been rockin that voice.....and the talent level of her hubby on the guitar is JUST RIDICULOUS!!!! I sang along to every tune, and danced around......boy did i dance!!! It was FABULOUS just FABULOUS!!! The best part was when she sang "Hell is for Children" OH MAN if yall know this song I wont even have to explain what part im talkin about (and im still not going to explain because if you dont know, your just not cool enough to be my friend) but when she sings that one part at the end........i got gooseys.....HOW ??? How does anyone scream like that?

Anyhoo.....I thoroughly enjoyed myself and my moms company, and seeing the smile on her face when she got YET ANOTHER Neil Giraldo pick to add to her collection of concert picks (how do i get such luck please tell me?? My mom has a pick from the flippin PURPLE RAIN TOUR that prince himself handed her, a pic from Neil Shaun of Journey, AND two Neil Giraldo pics) was enough to last me a life time!!!!

Now dont be too disappointed when i tell you I dont really have any pics from the show...i know i know how could that be?? Well the camera Nazi resides in the Municipal Auditorium, no really after I pulled out just a tinsie lil phone she about bit my head off, AND even our phones did not do them justice.(Pat and Neil or Spider what ever you wanna call him, and YES we are on a first name basis....well not really, but a girl can dream) But I can say that they looked and sounded amazing. All in all it was an amazing night for which i will always cherish!!! And so from now until i decide you've (yes i said you) had enough, my blog will only be playing 80's music!!!
Ta Ta

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

No Pain, No Gain....

So I have pondered that particular statement in the last few days, and don't worry my fellow bloggers, family, and friends.....i haven't turned manly and decided to take up football as a hobby....But I have been thinking alot about how painful my walk with Christ has been lately.

Sometimes I feel like Job....okay maybe I'm being a tad bit....okay more than a tad bit dramatic, but my point is I feel tested. I feel like the Lord has had enough of my shenanigans and He wants to know that I am for real this time.....and honestly....I don't blame Him. But as I have pondered this I have learned soo don't get me wrong, its not like i don't get frustrated at times and throw those "Staci fits," but I also don't walk around with a creepy smile on my face and pretend like nothings fact when I'm having a hard time, you'll know it....let that be a warning to you all!!! Kidding :)

Anyway, yesterday I happened to misunderstand something that one of my dear friends said to me....its such a silly thing, but its quite humorous when i think of what our pastor Douglas talked about this weekend, he talked about how our mind or our "old self's" can sometimes make us believe or make up things in our head that are not true...of course this is not what the entire talk was built on however the illustration he used was great. He has this head that I guess was molded out of clay, and it was made to look just like him....kinda creepy.....anyway he used it to illustrate that "voice" we sometimes hear internally.....

ex. Hey Stace, I LOVE your outfit, is that new, you look soooo pretty today?

Here's what I'm thinkin,

TODAY?? (throw in that head thing where you move it in a circular motion saying OH NO SHE DI-ENT) Don't I look pretty EVERYDAY??

What was wrong with what i wore yesterday??

Did I look FAT??

Was it too tight??

I thought my eyes popped when i wore that shirt....HOW DARE she not mention that!!!

Now I'm being REALLY over zealous, but seriously sometimes those things can happen.... MOVING forward (man yall must get sooo tired of my rabbit trails) SO my friends said something to me that hurt my feelings, and rather than just ask him to clarify, I held onto it, took it home with me, ate lunch with it (no really it sat down right next to me and was like "hey Stace, whats up?") I just let it stew.....and the truth was painful.

NOW here's the thing, this situation was small, not to mention a misunderstanding.....but there are two things as of late that I am "struggling" with.

Number 1. God's discipline and the journey he wants me to make
Number 2. Satan's attacks

People, walking with God.....its not must choose EVERYDAY to decide to stand up for what you believe in and walk in the LIGHT, and that is TOUGH in today's world. So I got in my car and I just let loose (for those of you who do not know me, i am SOOO not a cryer....I will hold it in until it comes out my nose, my ears, my pores, what have you, but I HATE crying, and even more so, I HATE crying in front of others) So anyway, I might as well have sunk the titanic with these here tears. I mean to tell ya, and it wasn't so much about what this friend said to me as it was the battles ive fought and the people ive hurt, and the physical pain my family and I have endured and on and on that I haven't cried about!!! I cried out to God "Sweet Jesus, WHY??? " (you people must think im the biggest drama queen) but really I am sooo exhausted from the uphill climb....and all i want is JUST TO SERVE!!

Because our God is such a comedian....he really is.....its like he grabs my chin and squeezes and pulls my face to his and sorta chuckles and says "My dear sweet child............................................... Stop being such a big fat baby" (HAHAHA yall thought i was going to say something precious there didn't you?) No really, its like he always has a word for me to calm me down and comfort me, but in a way that's like "chill out dude, every things fine, stop being soo emotional" So when I was doing my Quite time this morning God reminded me that if there is NO PAIN there really is NO gain......

I read a story that reminded me of when Logan broke his arm, and when Landon got a staph infection and had to have surgery......and in those moments when the doctor came in and twisted on Logan's arm or squeezed on Landon's wound you just want to bust that doctor RIGHT IN THE KISSER for hurting your precious child....but you don't because you TRUST that he knows what he is doing.....and you realize, as this story tells that "the agony was necessary to make my child whole again."

He goes on to say that, if we trust earthly doctors to do that for our children, how much more we should be willing to trust God, the Great Physician, to reset our broken lives “to be conformed to the image of His Son” (Rom. 8:29).

One of God’s purposes in pain is to brand the image of Jesus in our hearts.

Can we weep with those who weep? God may need to stain our cheeks with our own tears so that we can genuinely empathize with others as Jesus did.

Are we self-sufficient? God may need to strip away our security to conform us to the God-sufficiency that Christ displayed.

Are we faithless? It may require a tragedy to teach us to trust the Father as Jesus did.

Sometimes when God asks you do do painful things, or endure painful things He is doing it for a the scripture, that seems to be my life scripture for this season, says :

All things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose. —Romans 8:28

He may need to " strip away our security to conform us to the God-sufficiency that Christ displayed. "

or He may need to "to stain our cheeks with our own tears so that we can genuinely empathize with others as Jesus did. "

Whatever the case may be remember that he is doing it for a purpose, and YES the enemy may throw road blocks in your way, but take that as a compliment because that just may mean you are on the RIGHT track, and the enemy does not want you to be happy.

Like Beth Moore says in "Get outta that Pit" : Don't you stop until you make the enemy sorry he EVER messed with you!!!!"


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Well....At Least He Wont Get Sun burnt!!!

K so I know its been like years since you last heard from me....okay well not years.....but i have been a busy busy girl gettin my bidness together!!! Yes Steph and I are in fact going to start a business creating custom blogs!!! Yes it is all very exciting, I know, refrain from falling outta your computer chair when you try to jump outta your seat to scream Hallelujah, cause you just might end up hurting yourself and i don't want to be held responsible....

SO anyway, if you are interested in purchasing one of our lovely designs, then shoot me an can contact me by finding the "email me" button at the bottom right of this page.

Moving right along to more important things, or shall i say entertaining things. So on Monday or was it Tuesday....shoot I'm losing my mind.....anyway, one of these days this week, I happened to get a call from my "oldest friend" Gianna, ya know the one I've known the longest, not a friend who's walking around with a walker....moving forward, I got a call from her and i hadn't talked to her since her Beautiful Wedding, so i was super excited to ask her all the "annoying friend questions" that I had been dying to ask her at her wedding but couldn't get past the photographer, the doting grandmother, the drunk friend(i kid, although I'm sure SOMEONE was drunk cause they had an open bar and you know how that goes....WHOO HOO) or the Mother of the i refrained, until this particular phone call.

Anyway, so then (as always) my phone decides to die.....because i NEVER charge it I know I know.....anyway i proceed to sit Landon in front of the TV and put on one of his ALL TIME FAVORITE MOVIES "Finding Nemo" because he NEVER moves when he watches it, and i figured i could run up stairs (where my charger is ) and plug it in and call her back. So we finish up our talk and i tell her in these exact words "Well, I better let you go cause I'm sure by now my child has found something to get into." And boy did he "get into something" I come downstairs and this is what I find. I find that he FOUND the 9 dollar bottle of suntan lotion we bought at Fiesta Texas.....yes i said 9 dollars, but that is another blog at another time.....
He comes running up to me saying "Momma Momma LOTION LOTION"

I couldn't help but DIE laughing, so that "O My mom is going to KILL me" look faded into a smile and laugh

Oh well, at least he wont get sun burnt......for like years.......

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day to all the Mommies!!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful mothers day. I told my hubby what i wanted was some that's what I'm getting.
I had to post this because its sooo true....right moms???

I just wanted to show off what my beautiful child bought for me for mothers day....Logan told mi maw "Ya know mi maw, i REEEALLY wanna get my mama some flowers for mothers day" And here is what he picked out!!

Beautiful aren't they??? He also made me a sweet card which i will post later!!

This morning we went and had brunch with my mom and mi maw. I am a breakfast kinda girls so i thoroughly enjoyed all the pancakes, eggs, Bacon and sausage!!! Here I am with my mom and mi maw!!!

Me and The Hubby

The two silly gooses I mother!!!

Hope yall have a fabulous day!!!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Thanks DA DA!!!!

So Landon has just discovered play dough, well not JUST, i mean he's always known theres "something" special about that lil yellow can of pleasure, but that's only because mommy always says "we'll play with that another time" and tries to redirect his sweet little hands to something more......well something CLEAN OKAY!!!! And I realized today that I, ME, MOMMY, the one who stays home with the bless-ed children ( not daddy, the one who introduced him to the evil dough, and had the NERVE to say to me "well its not messy when IIIII play with him!!!)have been right about play dough all along....if its not messy (which it most certainly is, if i have to get out the vacuum to clean up, IT'S MESSY) then it wants to kill me!!!!

I'm not kidding!!!

Old play dough, that has sat inside play dough toys for close to a year, hardens and equals: killer play dough.

Now lest you want to question me on this fact, I took a picture of the piece that tried to cut my foot open!!!

Yes my friends that is a hardened piece of play dough and that there next to it is my PINKY finger......this piece was small and SHARP as a razor. Picture me trying to demonstrate how to cookie cut a heart outta yellow pressed play dough and then in mid sentence fall to the floor in agony!!!!!

I just had to take a picture of my face cause I knew It would be a good one!!

for those of you who do not know me this is my "stay at home mom" look...fancy huh? Oh and the face I'm making, says: "Thanks DADA/disappointed i let you talk me into this/mmmmhmmm sure"

So needless to say i did not die....but I am going to have to make sure and wash the wound clean and apply antibiotic ointment, so as not to get an infection....cause you know us and our luck with infections.....that sounded gross.....forget i said that!!!

All and all it was a huge mess.... BUT HEY, Landon had fun and that's all that matters, right??

Here is my sweet lil mess and his play dough fun!!

Here he kept saying a word i didn't understand, finally i figured out, after like 10 mins, he was saying BUTTER.....he wanted to put butter on his square piece of play dough and make toast!!! He just gets smarter then we had to do jelly of course and make a sandwich.

Im Stronger after leaving the Strong Foundation....

Last Night I got the opportunity to visit the Strong Foundation here in our city. And let me tell you folks, I was BLESSED!!!!

For those of you who are not familiar, the Strong Foundation is a "home" for the homeless......did you get that??? A home. Not a shelter. Now let me just confess right now that i am not knocking homeless shelters. I believe that shelters are wonderful places run by wonderful giving people. But the Strong Foundation is very different from the run of the mill shelter. Each family has their own room for privacy, if they are not in a family, they are given a room mate.....but it is MUCH more privacy than sleeping on a cot in the middle of an open room, that is for sure. Each individual that comes into The Strong Foundation, is expected to follow certain rules that are set up for the safety of the other families that live there, i.e they must not drink, they must not do drugs. They also must have or be actively searching for a job, and they must participate in the cleanliness and upkeep of the facility....which my friends seems little to nothing compared to living on the streets.

I stood in awe as I watched the participation of homeless mothers in a bible study.

I was overwhelmed when I heard the schedule these men and women take on just to be a part of this amazing place (I'm talkin waking up at 6 am doing chores, eating, going to work, coming home and eating, then doing more chores....and STILL wanting to participate in bible studies).

I was overcome with GRIEF as i watched close to 20 or more little children playing on a beautiful play ground that was built JUST FOR THEM....not because of where they ARE but because of where they HAVE BEEN.

And I am AMAZED to hear the stories of just how many families have come from having NOTHING to owning their own home, in just a matter of a few months or years.

And it is all because of a few followers of God, who heard their Masters call.....and trusted that He would provide.

These people take my breath away, when i hear them talk about how they wont accept the governments help because they don't want to force their guests to go to all the planned activities.....they believe God gave free will....and that is what they practice. To quote my favorite vegetables "a gift that is demanded in NO gift at all."

I was honored to spend what little time I did with those precious precious children, so that their mothers could study God's word. I wanted to scoop each and everyone of them up and just hold them tight, knowing what they have had to endure. And i wanted to grab each and every adult there and make sure they knew how much they were loved by God, and how "worth it" they really are.

Thank you to Jim Gipson and others who put this fantastic foundation in motion, to help the helpless find hope.

I really could go on and on about all the wonderful things that are going on at this place....but you should just check it out for yourselves!! I will be volunteering there on a regular basis. If you are interested in getting involved click on the link above (strong foundation) and send Jim an email!!!

BTW the site seems to be encountering some probs so if it doesn't work for you visit it again later!!!

And remember
Matthew 25:40 says 'I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.'

Healing Hands

My Momma sent this to me today, it is very cool....i thought it was def something cool enough to share with all of you!!! Remember if you want to shut off my music so that you can hear the video, just scroll to the bottom of this page and press pause!!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Dude sorry about your car....But THAT. WAS. AWESOME!!!

Okay i just HAVE to post this!!! For those of you who do not know me, I have a big family, I have 4 brothers (yes i said 4) and one sister....and a HOST of aunts, uncles, cousins, 2nd cousins, yada yada yada. And seriously out of all of them the person who would be best (next to my aunt ) at writing a blog would be my Brother Shaun (oldest but not by much!!!).

Why you ask? Well that would be because he is the BEST at telling stories and making sure to add in the sound effects so you get the full effect. I always look forward to getting together with him because I know that I will get a good laugh at some point in the evening.....if not all evening.

So anyway, A LONG time ago he sent me this email, and i saved it because i literally had to curl up in a ball cause my stomach hurt so bad from i happened to be lookin through some of my saved emails and i came across this is just too good not to post!! If your in a downer mood, this will help!!! It is long but WELL worth the read!!

I was about 17 in my Senior year of High school and my buddy and I had just left work and were itching to find somewhere to see whose car was faster as kids always seem to do. No matter what kind of car you have you think its the fastest. Anyway at the time I had a Mazda B-2000 pick up, which by the way is probably one of the slowest vehicles ever, and my friend Scott had a VW GTI which was basically a sports car. Of course that didn't scare me any, so we found a dark and deserted road and decided to duke it out. Well, we lined up next to each other on said deserted, cedar/oak lined road (perfect for deer hunting, but we were oblivious to this fact of course) and revved up our engines, each trying to decide who was going to make the first move when I dumped the clutch, squeaked the tires, and basically got my doors blown off by the little GTI. Well, the fact that he was 10 car lengths ahead of me before I even started moving didn't matter, my pride was at stake here, so I was still determined to at least try and keep up when I hit about the 60 mph mark, (about 20 seconds later) and I saw a flash out of the corner of my eye. This is where it all happened, and of course, like every traumatic event, it happened in slow motion. This creature came bounding out into the road and Scott never saw it coming, as it didn't really run out in front of him as much as it ran INTO him, but nevertheless going 60 I heard a thud noise, followed by a flurry of legs and hair. I wasn't sure what happened for a split second as the creature disappeared out of the range of my headlights, but decided the best plan of action was to cram on the brakes as hard as humanly possible. Lucky I did because almost as soon as I came to a stop said creature reappeared and almost landed on my hood. Basically what had happened was the deer ran smack into his fender, then was thrown waaaaaay up into the air by the angle of the windshield. We often joke about how if I had waited another second, he would have landed in the back of my truck. Anyway, as Scott does when anything out of the ordinary happens, he panicked and kept going, but I'm sure the open beer can in his lap had something to do with it. I finally see him stop about 1/2 mile down the road, and after a couple of minutes (I later find out he ran into the woods to get rid of the beer) finally see his headlights coming toward me.

Now only a minute or two has passed, and the whole time I am sitting in my truck not sure if I should get out, because I am really not looking forward to seeing a pile of guts in front of me. I secretly hoped Scott would save the day and spare me the sight of what had just happened but he pulls up next to me and rolls down his window and is white as a sheet. He apparently had no idea what had just happened, and the animal (we hoped) was too close to the front of my truck and in the shadows of my headlights so he never saw it. I said, "Dude, look at the side of you car!" and he finally sees that his mirror is hanging by some wires and his fender is caved in, accompanied by hair stuck in every nook and cranny in the area of his door/roof/hood junction. So we finally get out of our cars, after I backed up a bit, and find a very small deer sprawled out on the pavement, and both of us at the same time start making little girl noises while we look at it. Right about then, the Bandera-ist, (a new word, what do you know) most Texas looking Ford truck pulls up, slows down long enough to say "Its a goner, pull that thing off the road so it doesn't cause a wreck". I'll let you add in whichever accent you feel would fit, any will do. The truck pulls away and we fight over who is going to pull it off when we decide to both grab a set of legs and drag. Now this was a small deer, as far as deer go, but still as big or bigger than your average dog so it wasn't the easiest thing I have ever done, not to mention the whole time I am dry heaving at the thought of seeing some organs slide out of it stuck to the road or whatever, but to my surprise it wasn't bleeding at all, except out of its nose.

So we get it into the grass and make some more little girl comments and then we decided to hit the road when Scott stops and stares at it for a second. I was thinking he was about to cry or something but he finally says, "I.........its.......I think its still alive"....... Aww for crying out loud!! Now we have to kill it AGAIN?? And of course neither of us has a gun, or a hammer, or a shovel, axe, coffee cup, nothing. So we start looking around. We considered pulling it back onto the road but, nah, that's not a good idea, when Scott spots a large boulder. Now let me remind you, neither of us played football, and we were both cashiers at HEB, I'm sure you get my drift, but of course neither of us want to admit this rock is too heavy for us on our own, so we decide to lift it together, with the plan to get it high enough get the idea. Anyway we get it above our heads when literally the thing starts doing jumping jacks right in front of us. We are both shaking from this rock above our heads and this thing is going nuts and we start to realize we are about to get pummeled by the deer, then drop the rock on our head and we finally chunk it to the side. Finally the deer stops moving, and since we know everything about dying, say that its just nerves, and go to get the rock again. Once again the thing springs to life, except this time it stands up completely normal, and proceeds to run smack into a tree at full speed and knock itself back out. Now this whole time, neither of us has said a complete sentence, only things like "ooh ooh ooh watch it, watch it," and " it...I don't...." and things like that, all the while our mouths are wide open. We stare a little bit longer and then argue about whose going to touch it to see what happens, when once more, it flips out. This time he clears the tree line and flips and flops into the field behind the trees, and Scott grabs a flashlight so we can watch the action.

About 2 minutes into his/her Olympic routine it finally stands up, give us the biggest "EAT SH**" look, made even more believable due to the flashlight making his eyes shine, and runs off into the woods like nothing happened. We died laughing and got back into our cars and went home.Now save the "oh, he ran off and died later" comments, as far as I'm concerned he grew up, had lots of babies, and made good jerky later on.

I'm sorry I just cannot help but think of a very famous line from a movie so this is totally necessary!!!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Is this the face of a happy child or what??

This is the precious face that I see, smiling every morning back at me.....jealous????

Sometimes Gods defintitions of a word and mine are not the same.....

So for about 6 months now the Lord has been calling me to a specific purpose. I kept searching for his purpose for me, and as some of you know sometimes that takes a life time. I prayed a while back that God would show me his purpose for my life....give a direction, a clear vision for where he wanted me......and the word I got the picture I got was Missionary.

I was like "okay God, wow, uh that's sure okay i can do that." Then i began to seek it out. As I look back over this time, i admit I had some moments where I was truly "in Staci Fashion" Frustrated!!!! Boy I tell you what I threw some ridiculous fits.....and here's why:

Apparently GODS view of missionary and my view of missionary, aren't the same......our definitions are sorta off.....not by much......but

You see when i hear missionary I think Africa, Ethiopia to be exact, China, Russia...... BASICALLY...... I'm retarded ( i have to say this, i am not nor do i make fun of the physically challenged, the way this is meant is the way Tommy boy says it, please do not take offense). I kept thinking he was calling me to hop on a plane with bare essentials live in a hut for a year and feed starving children. Now, I'm not saying that he wont call me to that at some point in my life, and believe me if he does, I AM SO THERE. The want to help others, especially the most desperate people on earth, is truly one of the strongest desires of my heart.....but God has his own plan for my life.....and that was not necessarily it....for now.

So let me back track for a sec.....when I heard Gods voice calling me to missions, it wasn't like he said it once.....i mean i heard it everywhere (for those of you who think I'm crazy for saying I heard a voice, it wasn't an actual VOICE per say it was a voice i heard in my heart....God chooses to speak in more than one way) it was like every other commercial was about orphans and giving and desperate children and Oprah (well not Oprah but her show "Oprah's big give" did a number on me) and I couldn't get it outta my was like i was gonna need some serious help if i didn't listen. So i decided, okay Stac, get online, check it out. Now, there are several thousand organizations that go on trips, but everywhere i checked just seemed to lead me no where.....either it was an org. in another city or state or even country and i couldn't do more than send money which is NOT what i wanted and i venture to say its not what he wanted for me either. Not that giving is bad. Its just that i knew/know in my heart I am supposed to do.....not just give.

So anyway, I couldn't just sit there, i had to talk to someone who knew more than Jay and I called up our good friend Douglas Robins (okay his name is Doug but I like adding las makes him sound really old and its funny) So any who, Doug is the man who taught me about that guy we call Jesus, he helped grow me in Christ......AND if it weren't for the youth group that he and other BRCC leaders created and led waaaaay back in the good ole 1990's i would have never met the man I now call my husband, Jason.....without which I would never have my most precious children Logan and Landon....I know too much info.

MOVING right along, so we call up Doug and meet for lunch.....I pick his brain for an hour....and he proceeds to tell me (among other things) that BRCC (the church we attend) is starting a new church down town. Now we have apparently missed this info because we can be slackers and not attend every now and again, and not only do we miss the info...even after he tells me this i didn't realize how soon this was happening.....mind you I'm a lil slow sometimes AND we only have an hour and I'm pretty sure he didn't say we end our lunch and give high fives and we went on our way.....

I'm like freakin out....I'm like SERIOUSLY GOD?? I mean you call me to be a missionary, yet you don't give me any missions to ary!!!! So comes the frustration.....cause remember I'm retarded.

Okay so this weekend Steph and i attend Mug and muffin (read blog below) hear Big Momma talk, get all emotional, talk about our kids, go shoe shopping, stop by bath and body works and then head to lunch. When we get to lunch we begin to chat about serving.....what were called to do...yada i wont go into detail....but i will say we talked about serving at BRCC down town. I mean after all we both grew up at BRCC and served under Douglas practically our whole lives....i mean it only makes sense.

Little did I know God was answering my prayers.....

So we go to church on Sunday, and it was like God took his hand grabbed my chunky cheeks with both hands and said "listen sista" Dave talks about BRCC downtown, and how Doug is looking for, GET THIS.....missionaries!!!


Now normally, people who serve, they're called "volunteers" that is why I'm certain it was God speaking.....I'm sure there is a million other reasons why the word was used.....but i mean seriously....I wanted to jump outta my chair and scream Hallelujah Praise Jesus!! I'm pretty certain that God has called me to serve as a Missionary at BRCC downtown.

And I wasn't the only one who felt Gods leading......

Any way, just an exciting God moment for ya!!! Ill keep you updated.

Snoodle Do

Okay there is absolutely NO WAY that I can go on about my life with out telling yall what I learned this weekend when i went to the MUG AND A MUFFIN event at Community Bible.

Okay so, if your a blogger, then you've most assuredly come across Big Mommas' blog, if you haven't you are seriously behind!!! And you must check it out.

So anyway, Big Momma (not her real name, and shes not big AT ALL) spoke at CBC on sat morning, and Steph invited me to come along. So we went all excited about getting to see what Big Momma really looked like. I mean we went to here spiritual women talk about spiritual stuff, yeah, that's it.....kidding.

Anyway I was DEEPLY moved when I heard her talk. She began with talking about her blog and the doors that it had opened for her. She talked about how God called her to quit her job when there could be no way they would make it with out her income. And then she talked about the snoodle do. Oh yes folks good ole Veggie Tales.....Now unlike Big Momma I have a "thing" for the veggie tales, and it is because when i was prego I wanted to find the best "baby" for my baby.....a "baby" is a stuffed animal or doll that your child can sleep with to feel comfortable, or take with him when he/she will be away from Mommy and Daddy for comfort. Anyway I came upon a Jr. Asparagus Doll at Target one day and I could NOT pass it was the cutest darn thing this side of the Pecos and I am SO not resembled a glow worm in that it had the glowing eyes, and when you pressed its tummy it sings "God is bigger than the boogie man" and to THIS DAY Logan sleeps with it.

Anyway, The snoodle do story is truly, in her words "the most profound cartoon she has ever seen" And ladies and gentlemen it is JUST THAT. I am BEGGING you to watch it, because it is the FIRST thing i did when i arrived home from listening to her speak....and i was JUST as moved as i am posting it below.....after you watch the two parts then read

You see, that is what tends to happen to alot of people in this world....I LOVE how Big Momma described children as being sooo confident .....think about it when you see a small child how they always shout out "LOOK AT ME" she went on to say she believes its because we are sooo fresh from heaven that we just cant help but be confident.....because we have not been sooo beat down by the world and told how worthless we are!!!!!

I love when His creator takes the pictures out of his pack and says "Dear Boy, these look nothing like you" and then paints a beautiful picture of how HE sees him......Cant you relate to the little snoodle saying "But Sir, Are you saying that's ME?" "Id like to believe it but sir I'm afraid to!!" And Gods answer "But I know who you are for i made you" I have gooseys

Think about ALL the times you have fallen and others have been faithful to remind you, Gods answer : "Ive seen you fall down in the muck and the goo, I seen ALL you've done and ALL you will do....I gave you your pack and your paints and your wings, I chose them for you, they are YOUR special things."

And for those who don't understand why God doesn't just save everyone, it is because he gave you the gift of free will....and i love how they point that out when the little snoodle asks "But sir, if you made this incredible land, cant you make snoodles obey your command" And God answers to the small "A gift that's demanded is NO gift at all."

BUT, my most favorite part of this entire cartoon is this it completely spoke for itself:

Here's what YOU look like, here's how I see you,
Put this in your pack and you'll find it will free you,
From ALL of the pictures and ALL of the lies,
that others made up just to cut down your size

And lastly, your wings
you know what they're for
They're not just to fly son

Always remember that YOU were fearfully and WONDERFULLY made by God for a purpose. He LOVES you, and wants you to SOAR.

Now go hug your children, and tell them how special they are like i did when i got home!!! :)

Love yall

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Shooooo fly dont bother me....

I taught Landon this song (origination I'm not sure of I just know it) and he thinks its hilarious....only now with our obvious hate of mosquitoes we say mosquito instead of fly.....

Anyway, I just wanted to update you on Landon's 4 quarter sized mosquito bites that his ever so paranoid Mother (yeah that would be me) freaked out about.

So if you prayed....then i thank you, if you didn't SHAME on you!! I am so kidding.....But they are now the size of needle heads ( idk its midnight i cant think of anything else that small, get over it!!)

I mean to tell you I loaded those babies up with alcohol and benedryl and antibiotic ointment every few hours....i was serious folks you just have no idea. But I promise as paranoid as i am, i have no shame in admitting that, they WERE getting infected. And I believe that God protected my sweet lil man, and heard me ask for his healing. So, again, if you prayed then thank you!!

I know that I promised I would write about what I had learned when we were going through this MRSA maddness back in OCT of 07. But I got busy and forgot, so this is me doing what I said i would do.

So at the time I was going through a MAJOR life change.....I couldn't tell left from right, up from down I was so confused and unsure of what God had in mind for me. All I knew was that He was calling me to FOLLOW and I had this terrible feeling if I didn't he just might send a bolt of lightning from the heavens and "THAT'S ALL FOLKS" its kinda like when you get in a fight with one of your parental units and you walk to your room and slam the door as hard as you can to let them know you THOROUGHLY disapprove, and then you sit there thinking "did i REALLY just do that?? Shes gonna kill me!!" Yeah that's how it felt. Sorry MAJOR rabbit trail.

Ok so getting back on track....He called, and I didn't dare not listen. He asked me to do things I never would have thought I could do.... and I did. He called me to not do things that I was ever so used to doing....cutting out patterns in my life. He called me to meet on a weekly basis with a therapist (UH God I'm not crazy, little did i know, i AM....okay I'm not) Basically I was called to CHANGE my life completely.

First thing I did was confess. I feel incredibly sorry for the sweet friend of mine that I poured my deepest darkest out on.....OH LORD HAVE MERCY, she must have been thinking....just kidding :) You just have NO idea how freeing it is to lay your sins at the feet of Jesus, he called me to confess to this friend so that she could help bare my burdens for a time, and pray for my recovery.....and that she did, and i am thankful for her prayers and her advice.

The second thing i did, was get myself "connected" in a bible study, now this study was ABSOLUTELY PERFECT for was if God orchestrated it just for me. As a group we read through "Get Outta That Pit" by Beth Moore. And if you haven't read this, well your missin out. As I read through this book and met with theses ladies I heard God speak to me.....He not only comforted me, at times he disciplined me. But it was the most GLORIOUS feeling to hear my Fathers voice again.

So while going through this book and trying to piece my walk with Christ back together, the enemy got wind.....and he was like "OH NO SHE DIIIIENT" the enemy got wind and threw every obstacle he possibly could in my way. Even using my children to make me feel like he was winning, like i would be defeated. There is a line in this book that says "Don't you stop until the enemy is sorry he ever messed with you!!!!!" And ladies, (i say ladies as if there is never a man reading this....sorry guys) although tired, dismayed, bewildered, sad, mad at times, I HAVE NOT STOPPED!!

Anyway, enter MRSA....and I'm like "Ok God, I know that this is one of the enemies schemes, I get that, but WHY are you allowing this?" "What can I possibly learn?" And then it hit me like a ton of bricks

Okay sorry but side note..... When someone gets a staph infection ie MRSA, the only way to treat it is to remove it. So basically what they do is they lance the spot, and they dig out all of the infection. Then, and this is the most terrible thing of all, they leave it OPEN!!! GASP, I know!!! They leave the spot OPEN and vulnerable BUT not before packing it with the medicated gauze. Basically this wound has to heal from the INSIDE/OUT!!!

Okay do I really have to explain what the Lord was teaching me??



Too bad I will anyway.

Okay sorry but side note..... When someone gets a staph infection ie MRSA, the only way to treat it is to remove it. So basically what they do is they lance the spot, The Lord cut me open and they dig out all of the infection. And removed all my sin Then, and this is the most terrible thing of all, they leave it OPEN!!! He left me open and vulnerable GASP, I know!!! They leave the spot OPEN and vulnerable BUT not before packing it with the medicated gauze. But not before filling me with the good stuff: his love, his word Basically this wound has to heal from the INSIDE/OUT!!! He wanted to heal me from the inside out!!!!

It was as if His purpose was manifesting RIGHT BEFORE MY VERY EYES!!!!

Listen peeps, I don't believe for a second that God would want to hurt my precious child. But I do believe that He will take those situations and help you see the good that can come from it. Always seek the Lord in times such as may be surprised what He wants to teach you from it.