Thursday, May 29, 2008

Baylor Booger Bear

Ive had a few nicknames in my short life: Shoes (adams is my maiden name...yeah i know) Adams, sure there were others however my all time fav came from ONE of my lil brothers (I have four brothers three of which are younger) Now when i say lil i mean 9 years younger than when he learned to say my name it didn't come out quite right.....Saucey....cute huh, and kinda sassy....fits my personality for sure. Now my step mom had a few for him as well, and Booger Bear kinda stuck, there are many variations of the name, Boog, Booger, sometimes I find myself still calling him that.

Anyway, Barret is now almost twenty and has decided to go to Baylor......great idea for Barret, not so great for Dad's wallet!!! Anyway, he applied with everyone crossing their fingers (including his awesome girlfriend , who i secretly hope he marries, And who happens to be a Baylor Bear herself) And this past weekend I got a call from my Dad.....he preceded to tell me that HE GOT IN!!!

I just wanted the blogger world to know how truly proud of my lil BOOGER I am!!! He has always been the best lil bro a big sis could ever ask for.....he is a great kid!!!! Congrats lil bro, i love you!!!


Heather said...

Awwww...good for him!! I had alot of friends go to Baylor. It's a great school.

christie said...

Congrat's to your bro!
Just found your sweet!