Thursday, May 8, 2008

Thanks DA DA!!!!

So Landon has just discovered play dough, well not JUST, i mean he's always known theres "something" special about that lil yellow can of pleasure, but that's only because mommy always says "we'll play with that another time" and tries to redirect his sweet little hands to something more......well something CLEAN OKAY!!!! And I realized today that I, ME, MOMMY, the one who stays home with the bless-ed children ( not daddy, the one who introduced him to the evil dough, and had the NERVE to say to me "well its not messy when IIIII play with him!!!)have been right about play dough all along....if its not messy (which it most certainly is, if i have to get out the vacuum to clean up, IT'S MESSY) then it wants to kill me!!!!

I'm not kidding!!!

Old play dough, that has sat inside play dough toys for close to a year, hardens and equals: killer play dough.

Now lest you want to question me on this fact, I took a picture of the piece that tried to cut my foot open!!!

Yes my friends that is a hardened piece of play dough and that there next to it is my PINKY finger......this piece was small and SHARP as a razor. Picture me trying to demonstrate how to cookie cut a heart outta yellow pressed play dough and then in mid sentence fall to the floor in agony!!!!!

I just had to take a picture of my face cause I knew It would be a good one!!

for those of you who do not know me this is my "stay at home mom" look...fancy huh? Oh and the face I'm making, says: "Thanks DADA/disappointed i let you talk me into this/mmmmhmmm sure"

So needless to say i did not die....but I am going to have to make sure and wash the wound clean and apply antibiotic ointment, so as not to get an infection....cause you know us and our luck with infections.....that sounded gross.....forget i said that!!!

All and all it was a huge mess.... BUT HEY, Landon had fun and that's all that matters, right??

Here is my sweet lil mess and his play dough fun!!

Here he kept saying a word i didn't understand, finally i figured out, after like 10 mins, he was saying BUTTER.....he wanted to put butter on his square piece of play dough and make toast!!! He just gets smarter then we had to do jelly of course and make a sandwich.