Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The BIGGEST Day of My Life

There is sooo much I could say about my wedding pics, some good some bad.....first of all the people i used SUCKED.....they had just begun their photography business, and it seemed everyone elses pics were fabulous accept for ours.......

Mind you I was the bride...yep that was me in the white know the one who had to walk down the isle...the one who had 5 months to plan her wedding.....the one who cried almost everyday from the stresses of having NINE bridesmaids and NINE grooms men, oh and lets not forget that the groom to be was a HUGE help!!! As they always are!!!! So when the big day came, the last thing i am thinking about is the photographers make a long story short, i didnt even get picts with my inlaws, my grandparents, i got ONE count them ONE pic with my brothers and sister. ITS JUST SAD.

Now there are a few good shots, and since so many fun, crazy, sweet, and amazing moments happened that day, I though i would just let yall in.....and i love to reminisce....its fun!!!

These are the Guys, the three lil ones in the front are my lil bros....are they not the cutest lil ushers and ring barer youve ever seen? Jay is number 500 from the right....hahaha kidding he is the 5th guy from the right.

And here are my gals.....this pic cracks me up because it proves my point in that two out of my nine bridesmaids are yelling at the photographer!!! Everyone else looks scared that Laviana is gonna step outta line and break someones nose....please dont kill me freaky lavi!!!! Stac (second from right) is obviously oblivious to the whole thing, shes just happy as can be....gotta love er!!

Here's Me and my Dad, and there are no pics on the comp of me and my mom, i downloaded all of these from my dads site, my mom looked did many other family members that didnt even get photographed!!! Anyway, sorry mom and tpa and sister!!!

These are my four brothers, Shaun (the oldest, then me, then Barret (glasses) Zack (the cute blonde one) and Jake (the holy terror standing on the bench)

This is jakey joe bobareebus......I feel sorry for my dad right about now cause he is now an official "teen" He is the kid that would wake up at the butt crack of dawn, stand on a stool, and blow a whistle just for kicks......this was when i was a teen.....can i just say i was not a happy camper on the weekends.....He is def a wild one, but hilarious!!!

This lil harry potter lookin fellow is my brother Barret whom i wrote about here....i cant believe how much he has grown in these eight years.....yes i know i dont look that old....i got married in good ole 2000!! My brothers are MUCH bigger now.

This is sooo typical, the two younger bros are fighting and then older is saying through his teeth "shut the H-E-double hockey sticks up already"

My nervous feet!!

Walking into the world of marital bliss!!!! OH JOY!!! if i had known then what i know now.....hahhahaha kidding...

Does anyone else notice the look of terror on my face??

Kissing my Dad goodbye....

This is where i pledged to love him for life.....

The rings, which unbenounced to me my brother dropped halfway through the service, i was lost in deep thought..... Okay just let me say, I didnt have a traditional wedding, as im sure youve realized....what with my crazy hair that my aunt SWEARS i will one day regret.....we had a fabulous multimedia event, there was a video of jay and I together, and baby pics....after we said our vows, and even before our final kiss my good friend John and one of my closest bestest friends Steph, you may know her from Live.Laugh.Love, sang the song "Everything I do" by bryan adams, which was all sang while a video of the Crucifixion of Jesus played on the side screens.....WHAT??? you might be saying, well Jay and I grew up and met in the church youth group....we believe in Jesus and that his death on the cross was enough to save us.....we have many family and friends that do not believe the same naturally we took this opportunity to show them that Everything Jesus does (just like everything Jason does is for me) is for them..... so needless to say it was a loooong service, but interesting....however not only did my lil bro drop my ring, one of the flower girls locked her knees and almost passed out, if it wasnt for her mom noticing she was lookin a tad green and dizzy, she would have.....

Finally the Kiss

And the announcement

Mr And Mrs.

Now lets Party!!!!

Wedding Party Before a few drinks at the reception...

And the wedding party after!!!! There are just waaaay too many observations in this photo.....too many to list.

All I know is someone said the words Nsync and Bye Bye Bye.....although i cannot explain the face.....maybe i need to work on my dance expressions....

The first dance, which im sure most of you know I thought would NEVER happen, jay is NOT fond of dancing!!!! And I am not exaggerating

The daddy dance which my father had all planned out, he picked a song out special for me, it was not an easy song to get through without crying....take a listen.....first grab the tissues.... Oh and please excuse the "charmed" video that someone highly disturbed that someone was such a fan of this show that they would take the time to do this....anyway just listen to the words...oh and be sure to pause my music at the bottom of this page......its worth it!!!

Would you look at this!!! It is a God given MIRACLE!!! TWO dances in one night??? I was shocked!!

And now, the cake, its beautiful isnt it??

And now ME with the beautiful cake in my FACE!!!! Notice how i was knocked completely OUT of the picture.....can this be considered spousal abuse???

After the cake fiasco there was PLENTY of other types of shenanigans, such as throwin back some bruski, and or gettin plastered...My Dad and brother took this opportunity to let loose.....exhibit A. and B

Which explains the crazy drunken toast my Dad performed where he eluded that my inlaws did nothing to help.......exhibit A and B

Yes that is everyone laughing and turning to see the reaction on my inlaws face......sorry Dad, I had too!!!

Even the young ones had a lil too much to drink if you know what im sayin heh heh(elbow elbow)

All in all it was a fabulous day that i will cherish for life!!! Oh and lest you think our photographer was good i just like to complain....check out the bag in the seat in front of jay and I, the only pic i have to remember us leaving the yeah....its full of contraceptives!!!!!

Best pic taken the WHOLE wedding is of the two flower is actually featured to this day on their site, and no others from my wedding, because they realized they did such a crappy job....and NO i wont give you their site for fear you will use them and get a wonderful set of pictures and i might have to punch would be messy...i wont put you through that;)!!


Kat said...

Our wedding photographer sucked, too. I picked him because he featured these amazing b&w pic that were hand colored. After the wedding, he said none of our pictures would look good like that. My one picture of my hubby and I at the eyes are closed. Too bad it wasn't the digital age :-)

Heather said...

What a FUN post!! I love seeing people's wedding pictures. Your dress was soooo pretty.

Karen said...

This was so fun to look at.
I hired a terrible photographer, but I didn't pay much either!
I really like your blog- I'll be back!!
a SITS sister

Stephanie said...

Good gosh!!! You couldn't photoshop out my fat face???