Friday, June 27, 2008

off the chain dance

okay it is almost one in the morning, and I just simply cannot go to bed with out posting this....

Now dont kill me freaky bloggers (again the "nothing to loose" joke, check out that movie people)
I promise to post tomorrow ahem* i mean today part two to "Think back thurs" which i aparently will have to rename. But that will be done sometime tomorrow afternoon.

Back to this post:

I watched so you think you can dance tonight, both the wed night episode AND tonights, i have DVR people....step into the 20th century......and i just have to say, AMAZING, simply AFREAKINMAZING!!!!! Need i say more???

Why yes actually, okay so here is the deal.....when jay and i first married, he took on a position that I knew soon after he told me about it, that it was going to cause some MAJOR problems for two YOUNG newly married peeps such as our selves.... I BEGGED him to be smart, I said somthing like this: "HOW can two people survive a marriage without seeing one another??"
I worked from 8-5 he worked from 6- sometimes 1 or 2 am.....yeah ......I KNOW.

So needless to say, regardless of the genre of the dance, I related....I BAWLED like a baby in diapers.....i am here to tell ya people..........please watch, if this doesnt make you a tad emotional, then i dont know what will.......

First of all I SOOOO love where nap and tab are takin hip hop......i mean, crying, in hip hop....."theres no crying in hip hop" I loved every emotional min. of it.....and i want moooooore.....

And seriously there were many FAB dances.....i would post the whole darn show if i could....but then on to the thursday night show, they always open the "vote off" show with a group dance, and this was OFF THE CHAIN!!! ill post it when i find it!!!

night night


KimmyJ said...

I am so hooked on this show and I loved this routine - gave me chills and made me get all teary eyed. Another thing about the show is me and my teenage son can agree on a show that we both like!