Friday, June 6, 2008

This post is a MUST

There are TWO things I simply MUST blog about before i leave for the white sunny beaches of Florida!!!

Number 1 Raise your hand if you were a pre teen in the early 1990's??

Okay now raise your hand if you had your entire room decorated and or plastered with NKOTB posters!!!

Okay now raise your hand if you still get twitterpated when you hear "PLEEEASE DOOONT GOOOO GIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRLLLLLLL!!!! And you are sent RIGHT back to skirts with leggings and side pony tails. (I know you cant see me but im sooo raising my hand)

Okay now raise your hand if you would be super jealous to hear that Me and my friend are getting tickets to see them in Tejas in Oct.

Picture me in torn blue jeans and a faded NKOTB shirt of my friend Gianas, oh and lets not forget the black Charlie Chaplin hats that were popular back then, that you place on the side of your head that you DONT have a pony tail, screaming my everlivin head off!!! Thatll be me fo sho.....

You guys are soooo jealous!!!

You aint got to lie Craig, you aint got to lie........( i REALLY hope some of yall caught that)

Number 2 Something very disturbing yet terribly funny happened to me today....

Okay so I was on my way to get some last minute things from the store for our trip and I happen to notice a fairly nicely dressed man standing on the side of the road with a I was having a heated discussion with my hubby (we wont get into this right now) and so its a wonder i even noticed.....but this guy was NO BUM, i know this cause it said so on his sign, and like i said before he was well dressed. Now his sign read something like this:





Now I am SUCH a sucker for these people, I mean if you are in need you WANT me around for reals....I have a heart for hurting and needy people....its just in my dna i guess. So i tell my stupid i mean my sweet husband to hold on and i grab a 10 from my wallet....i figured it was fate cause I NEVER carry cash....AND i have adopted the idea that it doesnt really matter what these people do with the money because you are giving out of the kindness of your heart, and God will deal with them if they choose to use it for drugs alcohol etc. So anyway i roll down my window, motion him over and hand him the 10, while he proceeds to tell me "God Bless You" Im like "You too dude"

Anyway, I then drive on to my destination, run my errands and drive back towards the house when what do my wandering eyes appear, Why its a police car, with a man in hand cuffs, HEY THATS THE GUY I GAVE......WHAT THE???? Yes my dear friends, he was being arrested....and I trully thought "dude, maybe i can stop the car, hop out and run over there and grab my 10 real quick without pissing TOO many people off......ehhhhhh screw it!!!

This however proves that my adopted theory is true.....I can TOTALLY picture God being like



Stephanie said...

Yeah, BUM!! Don't mess with MY God!!! That is freakin' hilarious!!

Heather said...

Oh my stars!! I was not able to raise my hand to any of your questions. I was in COLLEGE in the early nineties. UGH! Have fun at the concert. I'll be in bed with my Bengay.

Gina said...

Yep. How do you explain those guys to your kids?
Thanks for stopping by way too long ago and saying HI on my birthday post.
Keep your windows rolled up and have a good time at NKOTB- SOOOO NOT JEALOUS.

Carrie said...

Popped over from SITS and thought I would say hi ... enjoy your concert and then your family can enjoy the silence because I am guessing you won't have a voice for several weeks after that!

Katy Lin :) said...

first of all i am truly jealous about the nkotb tickets! i want to go so bad! (who doesn't love the new single too!) second - way to go for doing the right thing even though the guy was a narf (no i do not know what that word means :) )

KC said...

Ahhh sorry to hear that you good deed ended so horribly. But don't let it discourage you from continuing to do good things for people

Besides, he is innocent until proven guilty right?