Monday, August 25, 2008

Baby Brothers, Big Boys and New Jobs

Okay so i have soo many things to update you guys on that I think I might just go ahead and put them all in one post.

Lets start in chronological order. My Baby brother Barret (who is not the youngest but 9 years younger than I ) applied and was accepted into Baylor University. I wrote about it here several weeks ago. Well the time came for us to say "see ya soon" (but not goodbye) to him last weekend. And I hafta say it was a bit harder than I thought. Now, I didn't break down and cry or throw my arms around him and say things like "noooooooo, dont leeeeeaaave" but when I got in the car to go home i admit I got a lil lump in my throat.

Barret is the epitome of a perfect brother. He really is. This is not to take away from any of my other three brothers, yes I have four brothers. But he is the kindest, gentlest, most well behaved kid i have come across in a loooong time. I don't think i have ever even seen him mad.

When we were younger and he was just a wee tot, he would always try to protect me. "Don't you hurt my SISSY" And when he got in trouble he would always run to me for a hug. Too cute.

Now he is all growed up and although he is not in Alaska or anything I sure am gonna miss him!!!

He is a few pics of me and my four AWESOME brothers!!! I have a sissy too, pictures of her and I to come soon!!

Zak, Barret (baylor boy) Shaun, Me, and Jakey Joe Bobereebus (jacob the baby)

Okay now on to Big Boys!!

My lil man Logan (turns seven in september) started 1st grade today. He is SUCH a big boy, he told me on the way, when Jay and I were discussing if we were going to walk him into his class:

"No Mom. Don't walk me in, I want to walk into school on my own"

What the?? What happen to clinging to my leg? What happened to "mommy be right baaack" which is what he would say when he was at day care ALL DAY sitting next to the door. What happened to red blotchy faces.....WHERE DID MY BABY GO???? WHAAAAAAAAAAA :(

Now whose the baby??

Here he is getting ready to leave the house....And last but not least Jason got a new job!!!!! YEEEEY!!! Praise God!!! Here is an email i sent out that says what I would have said to all of you......and a few pics of my handsome man!!

Hello family and friends,

Just wanted to extend an update to all of you who have been praying for Jason and our family due to the lay offs at Wachovia, and even to those of y'all who didn't know....

First of all I want to thank ALL of you for your support. All of the leads (for jobs) calls, prayers, and the supportive emails have meant so much to us during this time. It has lessened the stress on our lives to know that we have such wonderful people lifting us up!!

Jason has in fact been hired at KB homes to be a sales representative. Basically if you go into one of their model homes, he would be the guy to show you around the home and what not. His training is two weeks long, then he will be doing incoming and outgoing call leads until a opening comes available in a neighborhood.

He is super excited to be working in real estate and hopes this will open many doors for the future.

If you feel led, please continue to lift him up during this period of training.

If you would like something more specific to pray for, Jason has been told he will need a four door car for this position. We have a Tahoe, which I drive and a ford f150 that Jason has had since he was 16. It was his VERY first and only car. It has been LOOONG paid off and so it will be hard to part with. We bought the Tahoe so we could have more room for the boys, and the truck would be too small for Logan AND Landon and his car seat so we will have to purchase another car regardless, otherwise it will leave me without a way to pick Logan up from school, run errands, etc.

The biggest issue is the fact that during the training period (and for a while until he builds up his pipeline) he will not be making spectacular amounts of money, it will be tight enough as it is with just one car payment.....

And lastly, but certainly not least, please lift up the families of the others that were displaced.....Jason was only one of the 175 men and women who lost their jobs from his department. AND countless others at Wachovia.

We are soo thankful to God for providing this position for our family security. And pray for those others that God would do the same for them.

Thank you all again for your continued support.

Take care,

Staci Loalbo


Debra said...


New beginnings are fabulous! All of your men look great and ready to go out and walk worth of God.

I'm going to email you about the car....I'm so excited my fingers are typing all over the place...

bethany said...

You have a BEAUTIFUL family!
I love the pic of Logan and Landon on the stairs....your little one is adorable!
So glad to hear that your honey has a new job...I will most definately be praying for the car situation. God will provide.
Only one week away from the expected due date of my niece Kensley!!!! I can't wait to meet this little girl!!!
I'll post pics as soon as she makes her grand entrance.

Christina said...

Aww, so sweet about your brother. He'll be fine and get to come home to

I can't believe school is already starting. Geez, time is flying.

Congrats on the new job! Yall will be in my prayers.

THE Stephanie said...

Yes, I pray for the day when my little man will say, "see ya later mom." For now, he still clings and screams and cries.

Love the days, Staci... love the days...

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

What part of Wachovia was he with? I work for AG Edwards and we just "merged" with Wachovia securities... I don't like the Wachovia way of doing things...

I'm really glad he found a new job. I'm sure he'll be amazing at it!!

christie said...

Wow! Lots of news.
So hard to let your baby go off to school...It's weird how we need them to need us.
Congrats on your hubby's job! He look fantastic in his suit!

ugagirl30 said...

Wow! It is a time of transition in your house. Mine is filled with it as well. Because I am teaching this year, I didn't get to take my children for their very first day of school and that made me very sad!!! Me going back to work has wreaked havoc on everyone. We are still adjusting on week 3.

Glad to hear that things are going well. I know you are proud of your brother and Jay and your boys.

Little Steps Of Faith said...

Hi Staci:)
Thanks for stopping by:)
Your page is adorable!
I read through your post...girl God is amazing, and HIS plans are best..lean on that, trust that..:)

Be Blessed:)


Tracy said...

Hi Staci,
Wow, lots of great things! You have a beautiful blog and a GORGEOUS family. Loved reading about your little man, your big man and your brother, too. Thank you for stopping by and offering encouragement this morning!

Looking forward to visiting again,

wendy said...

Sounds like things are falling into place for you very well. That's a peaceful feeling.

thanks for visiting my blog. :)