Monday, August 18, 2008

My Husband Rocks Friday....okay its monday....but he rocked on friday ;)

So Thursday was a terrible horrible no good very bad day. Original, I know. But it was a difficult day for me. I could not seem to keep it together. My kiddos fought all day. And no matter what I said, or rather yelled, it did not keep them from melt down after melt down.

I was also stressin about an interview Jason had, and my thoughts were scrambled....

"will this work out"

"If he gets this job how much time will he be able to spend with us"

"Will he take it if its offered"

"What about ME??" dramatic I know....

Laundry was piled to the ceiling, and I could not make a dent in it, and my house, although cleaned a few mins before 5 , by 6 was already lookin as if a hurricane had blown through the living room.

By the time Jason got home at 6 I was EXHAUSTED.....AND the boys wanted to go swimming which i couldn't say no to cause they had been begging allllll week.

LOL it was maddness. And when Jason got home I just fell on the bed and wept. I'm not really sure why....I guess i was just need of a moment, and with my mommas boys, there are no mommy moments, because the second Jason says "hey lets go play in your room" I hear "i want moooooommmmmmaaaaa"

I'm not kidding, its like they have mommy moment radar!!!

So when Jason saw my need he got to work.

Without my knowledge, he called my mimaw and asked if she would watch the kids on Friday and my parents for Saturday. He then told me to pack up my bags cause we were going to Fredericksburg Texas for an overnight stay. He wanted to do a bed and breakfast but apparently they only do two night stays and I had to sing early Sunday morning at Church, so we found a Hampton inn and parked it there for the night. Here we are on our way, can you tell I'm excited!!

After we got our hotel room we went to the Cotton Gin for dinner, the atmosphere was perfect for a romantic dinner. I had a wonderful grilled pork chop and he had a tenderloin steak with some sort of bean and corn sauce on top.....Oh and don't forget the Messina Hof, which is a Texas made wine!!

After dinner we headed back to the hotel room, and immediately got into bed. It was an amazing feeling to be able to be in bed by 8 in the evening. Jason of course turned the air down to 60 degrees and we snuggled and watched the Olympics (whoo hoo) <-- that was my sarcasm!! Im pretty sure I was out in two seconds!!

The following day we woke up, partook in the free Continental breakfast and headed out the The Wild Seed Farm. This is a place where they have FIELDS of wildflowers and is gorgeous.....since its not really blooming season, it wasn't as fabulous as normal...but there were some flowers blooming so i took pictures of what I liked.....I hope to eventually have tons of flowers blooming in my yard!!

After Wild Seed we headed to Becker Vineyards for some wine tasting.

When we arrived this is what we saw.... a plethora of SMART CARS!!! I busted out laughing because i think they are the funniest things around!!! The fact that I am towering over a car is fascinating to me....I am NOT tall!! The first time I saw one of these was in the movie "Just Married" Me and my Bee fri laughed hysterically!! It looks like a lil roller skate!!

The entrance to the winery.

Wine tasting area.

I took this on my way out, and it is my favorite picture from the whole trip....this is a man out in the grape fields picking grapes.....I love the cowboy hat......cant get anymore Texas than that!!

This was a historic home out on the property....I thought it was beautiful.

On our way back into Fredericksburg we stopped at the ever famous Circle E candles. One of my bee fri's recommended it and ive seen these candles at her home so i decided to stop in and checkem out.....I bought one for my home that smells like my fav colonge "eternity" And MAN does it smell up the ENTIRE home.

After Circle E we headed back to walk around town and check out some of the boutiques and antiques....and ended up eating at the Fredericksburg brewery!! They had an awesome beer garten!!

This was more Jason's can tell by the look on his face...AND they even had the Olympics playing on the big screen......gotta love it!!

After lunch we shopped a bit more and then headed home. It was a wonderful MUCH NEEDED break. And I LOVE my husband soooo much for recognizing my need and making my weekend sooo special.


Jill said...

what a great guy you have! I hope the break helped!

Lishak said...

WOW! Your hubby rocks! Kudos to him for recognizing your need for a break and thinking up such a lovely getaway!

christie said...

Wow! Lucky girl. It looks like you had so much fun. What a neat husband you have to arrange the little get-away! {swoon}

Mariel said...

what a great man you have!! congrats on picking a good one!! :)

Thanks for visiting my blog...I pray you will return and be blessed! I LOVE your is beautiful! I will definately be back!!

bethany said...

Hey Staci...
Thanks for the comment on my blog about Kensley's room....isn't it cute?!!!! I'm new to blogging and I practically have to pay family and friends to comment! So having a comment is oh so exciting!!!
My sister in law did all of the work for the baby's room...she even made the crib blanket, boppy cover, curtains, sheets, and bumper. I need to take pictures of my nephew Cole's room. He has John Deere also but the traditional yellow and green.
Sounds like you had a fantastic weekend with your hubby!!!
What an awesome man to be so attentive to your needs!
Please come back to my blog...there are always bound to be interesting stories!

Christina said...

Aww, what a sweet guy! He does rock!

And you know what? I think those cars are funny too. And I LOL at the skate comment. Too funny! So true! HAHAHA!!!

Hipmomofboyz said...

ya'll are sooooooo cute. What a good hubby. It looks like you had an awesome time...

THE Stephanie said...

What a blessing! Thank goodness for hubbies who are sensitive to our needs, right??

Toknowhim said...

Thanks for stopping by today from the LPM blog... I will do that every once in awhile. Ok, have to agree with you...Your hubby does rock :) What an awesome experience.

Also, I have to say that your family is just so adorable. I also am a mom to 3 boys so I can relate to you in many ways.

Blessings, and please feel free to visit anytime... Kim

Amy said...

What a great weekend and what a sweet husband. Sounds like he knew exactly how to meet your need. I'd love a to get away there. We are in Houston so it isn't too far. Have a great week!

Allmykids123 said...

I am so jealous! That sounds like a perfect weekend.. and I just might have to copy your idea. We never get away from the kiddos, and is is much needed.! Pass on anymore tips you have. I haven't been to Fredricksburg in a while. You guys got a lot done in 2 days..

Jennifer Poppy said...

Kuddos to your man for meeting that need. Yay!!! What fun for the two of you to get to go out of town & just be a couple. You have a beautiful family.

Perksofbeingme said...

Your husband is awesome!

You have been tagged to list 6 un-spectacular things about yourself.

Katy Lin :) said...

how wonderful! you guys are so perfect for each other! :) looks like you had a great time!

Debra said...

You have written a beautiful memory here! When those days come again, and sometimes they just do, come back and read this and smile, smile, smile!

Beautiful post!