Monday, September 22, 2008

Okay I admit

I am a reality TV freak. I cant explain why. I. just. am.

Now, I've always enjoyed the "Real World Road Rules Challenge"......listen people i said "Real World and Road Rules Challenge" I don't really enjoy the Real World anymore....cause its not "the REAL world" its actually very far from i right or am i right?

So anyway, i love it. All the drama, the action packed challenges, its super fun to watch....but then there is the alcohol. Now, i get that when MTV supplies a ridiculous pad full of all the luxuries one could ever want that alcohol would be included. Especially since this is a show created by MTV. BUT I think it is HILARIOUS and somewhat disturbing that when they decide to do a show called "the island" that takes place on (shocker) an island, in the middle of nowhere, where they apparently have NOTHING to eat but rice and the fish they catch themselves, that there would be enough alcohol for someone to get soo plastered that they are falling all over themselves and others...not to mention puking their guts out.

Exhibit A.

Are they trying to kill these morons??

I mean, seriously. We all know that alcohol, no matter what kind, liquor or beer dehydrates....take away the liquor and they will just drink more beer....


lets discuss.


Allmykids123 said...

Ha ha.. I've been watching that for the past few days. I watch the Real World, but this was new to me. I can't believe Dave and Abram voluntarily went home.

I love me some reality TV!!

KimmyJ said...

I love Reality TV too. Dancing with the Stars is a fav and it started last night. My DVR will be burning up this season. Have you seen The Rachel Zoe project? I love Project Runway and Top Design and the Cooking ones. Stop me already.

THE Stephanie said...

I don't watch any of it... I'm just glad you finally posted!!! lol

bethany said...

I used to really be into reality TV but have not had the time lately...I catch little bits and pieces of dancing with the stars each season but that is about it!
You changed your was different to check on your blog and not find that fun fast tempo song (I don't know what it was called!). Just noticed that you changed it....what is it called by the way?

Rusty said...

Glad to know that I am not the only one that is hooked on TV. I just posted an entry about TV being back on my blog. So glad I have something to keep my mind out of work things now. Hope you are doing well.

Hipmomofboyz said...

I'm right there with you...I am addicted to Survivor, Amazing Race, Americas got Talent and now DWTS...Really the list could go on, I just can't admit to all of my addictions,,,,