Sunday, November 16, 2008


I have soo much to write about i don't even know where to begin.

This is precisely why i haven't written anything, like I've said before, there is soo much up there, i cant quite get it organized enough to make sense. But I thought "what the heck" ill just start typing....what you read is what you get i suppose....

First thing that comes to mind is that my son is a genius....okay I'm an over excited mom....he hasn't quite reached "genius" status yet, but to one day reach that level wouldn't be much of a stretch.....for me at least.

Logan is a very handsome, sensitive, smart child. He just got his first report card of the semester and made all E's except for in one subject..... he has made a one hundred on all his spelling tests, except one (that was totally my fault cause we didn't study the night before) and they have spelling tests EVERY Friday, he is in AR (accelerated reading) and when we had a conference with his teacher she said he is already reading well into second grade reading but can only test to that point, and wouldn't be surprised if he was reading well beyond second as well. She has sent him home with homework different from all the other children, and she is considering putting him into GT. I couldn't be more proud. :)

He plays soccer, but mommy and daddy have had to come to terms with the fact that he is not all that into soccer....we asked that he finish this year out, and he has asked to do something more musical in the spring....WHAT A SHOCK ;) (for those of you who don't know me all that well...i sing, Jason sings and plays guitar and my dad sings, plays guitar, and drums, my mom can sing and play piano, and many other family members have musical talent as well)

The other day he and I had a "come to Jesus talk", i was livid with him because although he could quite possibly be the sweetest child on earth, he has a hard time dealing with the word no. I about pull my hair out 500 times a day from this particular issue. If i say no, he continues to ask over and over again until smoke comes out my in the cartoons from when we were young ins..... :) Anyway, later that evening after bath time I got them in their jammie's and let them get in my bed and watch "The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl" anyway, he turns to me and says:

"Mom, I'm very sorry for my behavior over the last few days" What the....?? I don't even talk like that!!! It just made my heart melt. I don't know if i could ever express to him the amount of joy that he brings to my life. He is a delight. He brightens my day, everyday. And without him, i don't know where I would be.

Then there's Batman,
I mean Landon Ray,

I love that his middle name is Ray, one because he is named after one of my favorite people in the whole pi paw Heston Ray. But also because it describes him to a T. He is a ray of sunshine....he can make me smile in the worst of moods....

He runs when I'm trying to change his diaper, his clothes, or wash his face full of pb n j....

He gets outta his chair a thousand times during lunch just to peek around the corner at me and say "hi momma"

He hits his lil hands down in his lap and crosses his arms like an Indian when he is mad....sometimes adding in the phrase "heeeey, its not faiiir"

He loves to play hide in seek with daddy....but cant wait to be found 99% of the time :)

Boy can he scream when he is mad....but i can usually make him laugh anyway.....

He's got the most BEAUTIFUL eyes and longish brown baby curls and his laugh will make you like puddy in the palm of his hands or have you wrapped around his pinkie.

He can count to 20, knows all his colors and shapes and a million different songs including the abc's, we are currently learning the actual letter (what it looks like) but most of the time he is too busy building a castle or tower to look at the block and the letter on the block....he is all boy. You hand him a ball of any sort and he will throw or kick it across the room. He is tough as nails, he once fell down a flight of stairs and got right up, kissed me on the forehead and took off....mommy on the other hand sobbed for hours and daddy had to come home from work to calm her down ;).

He is my ni ni, my lil ray of sunshine.

He and his brother have their moments, but for the most part they love each other more than life its self. The other night Logan woke up screaming, when i came to his room (he and Landon share a room) i noticed him looking over at Landon and then laying back down content. When i approached him half awake and my heart beating outta my chest he was sweating profusely...i assured him i was there and when i noticed he was calm i made my way back to bed.

The next morning when i ask what he dreamt about, he wouldn't say for some time, when he finally was able to compose himself, he said that he dreamt of his brother being stuck in a fire.....he then began to cry and walked over to Landon and wrapped his arms around him and kissed his lil forehead.

I am soo proud to have these two beautiful, sweet, smart, loving children in my life. And i thank God for them everyday!!!

My Boys Prince Caspian and Batman!!

That's all for now, ill be back i promise!!


Rachel said...

He looks so much like you it's not funny.
found you from Steph's blog...keep writing girl!

bethany said...

Hi girly!
So glad that you are back! Was wondering if all was just put you into the hands of our Lord and hoped you'd be back...He is good and faithful and here you are.
Your boys are so cute!

THE Stephanie said...

They're just so cute I could eat 'em up!! :)

Hipmomofboyz said...

I'm glad to see that you are back in the blogging world. Your little guy looks just like you.

Debra said...


Your mother's heart is so precious I want to cry.

Your children are beautiful and such a gift from the Lord!!

Thank you for stopping by today ~ I appreciate your prayers.

((hugs)) to you sweet friend.

daniella said...

My goodness! Your little one will most definitely be a heartbreaker. What a cutie!