Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Aftermath

So the last two days has consisted of me opening up new toys and putting away old ones, not to mention finding a place for all the dang trains in my life.....yes my youngest is obsessed with trains.

Exhibit A.

This is a box that I put the last drain that sat on the train table to make room for the new train, i just slid it underneath the table.

Exibit B.
Because the train table drawer is already filled to the brim with older trains.

Exhibit C.

Here is another train set that sits on the floor....

And after all the trouble the new wooden Polar Express Edition train still remains on the floor because it is YES , too big to fit on the table!!! Im pretty sure I did everything i could with the exception of asking my husband a hundred times "ARE YOU SURE it wont fit??"

Here are some of the new and exciting toys i had to clean the closet out to make room for....

Bat man castle with about 100 accessories....and a pirate ship with about 1000 accessories and random African safari style accessories......
Toy Bosch tool set complete with a chain saw, hard hat googles and a power even comes with a car that you can build and break down.....really screws the bolts in and out.... What the eff??
And after all my hard work getting the house back in order, wouldn't you know they wanted a "FORT" I'm like "here" as i proceed to get some unused PVC pipes, that I used in the baby rave party (i threw a glow party for my child, this is another story for another blog) and laid them across the twin beds and laid a blanket over it.....

They were satisfied, i promise....then in walks Jason.....

He kindly informs me it was a "good try" but "were gonna show you how boys do it up right"

Then he proceeds to undo the hours of organization and cleanliness I bestowed upon our house.

Here he is being all BOY

yes that is Duct tape

even dabbled in child slave labor

and WHALA, hours of fun and hours of mommy cleaning up tomorrow.....

Its all worth it to see these smiles.....Look at Landon in his new batman pjs....isnt he cute??

This was after j playfully slaps landon across the dome....i think he is saying something like "daaad stop it"

Then he slaps him back, ATTA boy!!!

I guess this is now the "baby fight club"

Anyway, back to work!!!


WheresMyAngels said...

Okay Staci, I just figured out why I couldn't post a comment. For some reason, the words aren't showing up on your post, but if I highlight the bottom of it, I can finally see the Post a Comment link. When it isn't highlighted, it goes away. I wonder if anyone else is having this problem. Weird it would just be me.

I love the fort. How creative! your husband did do a good job ;)

KimmyJ said...

They look like they are loving that fort more than any other toy you got them. Isn't that about right? :)

Shannon said...

looks like ya'll had a really wonderful christmas! WOW! That's a lot of TRAINS! My son never really got into them. I love the bed for that ya'll put together....what a great idea!
merry christmas...and happy new year!

Toni said...

I think my dh wanted to kill me with the aftermath LOL, he spent 2.5 hours putting the kitchen together and I am ready to shoot myself, I have so many toys strewn everywhere I have seriously got to go through some toy bins now.

Grand Pooba said...

No way! Your hubby is darling! He's such a good Papa!

Debra said...


This post was so special to guy is 16 now but when he was a little guy like yours...he loved trains! I had trains everywhere! Boy did this bring back some memories for me.

What beautiful boys you have there, my sweet friend. I love your heart and how much you love shines right through your words!

Have a blessed new year!!

God bless you!

the voice of melody said...

For some reason, trains seem to hold a special place in children's hearts. Years from now, they'll remember the fun times they had playing with them. :)

Tatersmama said...

We have the exact same train set as your Exhibit C... with all the dadgummed people and goats and additional buildings and playground and rotunda and....WHEW. Take my word for it... we got it all!
I took the batteries out, because the danged bird chirping/ train whistle/ rooster crowing, was driving me bonkers!

If I bring that train set out, no other toy gets touched all day... But wow, my kids would LOVE the fort!
You got me thinkin' thinkin' thinkin'...