Friday, December 19, 2008

Have I mentioned i hate walmart, well now im creeped out by the people who shop at wal mart

I know i have mentioned before how much i LOATHE Wal mart.... you know the story...long lines, enough lanes to span the entire state of Texas yet no one to work them, incompetent checkers, and lets not forget there are NO baggers which causes the process of checking out that much worse....what kind of place is this people???

Yes, i am the woman who asked my mom in a shocking tone when we were at a grocery store in CO "MOOOM, what are you doing they have people for that?" Little did i know, not every place is like HEB, we get off easy here in sa town!!!

Moving right along, so its a wonder i decided to torture myself once again and brave the world of wal mart. I'm obviously a sadist. okay well maybe not but close. Anyway, i hate to admit my time at wal-mart was not all that bad until it was time to check out. Of course, as usual the checker was not "all there" for some reason i always pick the line that moves the slowest, and ALWAYS has the least amount of people and products in the lane.....kinda like at the bank. But it wasn't really all that that bothered was the lady that was in my space. You know, that area RIGHT in front and behind you.....

So, I'm in line and all the sudden it started.....first of all I got the feeling that someone was watching know the feeling.....i don't really know how to describe it but you JUST know. Then i notice my son has this look on his face like "Can i help you" this bothers me so i turn, and i kid you not this lady was INCHES from my face!!!

"UM, seriously do i need to demonstrate the dirty dancing explanation of space" was the look i was giving wasn't necessary to explain my thoughts cause they were well written all over my face. So i turn thinking SURELY she got the picture.


When i turn back around to grab my shopping basket and move it forward so as to place my bags in it, AGAIN she is all up in my area.....


This time I'm like highly annoyed i say in the most sarcastic voice i can possibly muster "EXCUSE ME"

Lets not forget in between all this mess Ni Ni is screaming to get down, and Logan is dancing around with some plastic candy canes that i told him a BUGILLION times to put down.


So, I could feel the frustration beginning to rise from my toes.....

I am already a naturally uncomfortable person around people i don't know, so I'm DYING to get out of here....wouldn't you know, i was right... INCOMPETENT CHECKER, not to mention she called Landon a girl.....SERIOUSLY LADY would you dress your sweet lil girl like THIS?? HE is CLEARLY A BOY.

Anyway, after taking about 15 mins checking my products she finally gives me my total. I pay my fifty dollars for wrapping paper (seriously i bought wrapping paper boxes and raffia, and a few cheap picture frames and it was 50 bucks, what has this world come to?? ) I grabbed my shtuff and booked it outta there.

Anyway, that's my story for today.......i think my bloggers block has subsided.

But id like to mention that my followers section is rather anorexic.....someone follow me for Gods sake!!!! I know it will be at the bottom for several days in a row...but you can at least humor me......its embarrassing people!!


Debra said...


You just cracked me up...cutie pie you must really learn to express yourself! lol

Walmart is the worst. I can't bring myself to go in the one where we is bad...I even tried praying before I went in...I can't even blame my hormones...the store is just terrible. It's just Target for me now.

Happy Friday my friend.

THE Stephanie said...

Ahhh.... yes, I did it to last night. Well not "it", well actually, yes, "it", but I mean, Wal-mart. Why Staci? I thought we had a pact!

I'm seriously dying laughing at Logan dancing with the candy cane. Gosh I love that boy!!

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

All right - I followed...

Did you see where I posted that Gert calls it Fart-mart now??

I'm sorry you had to go there. Do it again and we'll have to have an intervention.

Rachel said...

We are all guilty of it; we swear off Walmart and then we get sucked back in. I totally get you with the next customer all in your space!! UGHHH

KimmyJ said...

I'm a hater too - of Wally World that is. I'm following you SITSta!

Carri said...

See and here I am so gratefyl that they broughnt a walmart closer to me. I guess I am lucky because we have yet to have the luck of idiots standing near us. Although in Florida we had a girl cut ahead of us in line and my husband being so sweet said it's OK and then she brought 5 family memeber's with huge carts full of stuff kid you not and it was no where near Christmas time. Needless to say walmart in other states is not my favorite place.