Tuesday, December 2, 2008


You gals are great...thanks for giving me stuff to blab about!!

Ill go in order

Jill asked:

What is your most favorite holiday tradition?

I would have to say the FOOD is the fav holiday tradition, i mean who doesnt like a turkey dinner with stuffing and yams and cranberry sauce?? I swear i gained AT LEAST 7 lbs over thanksgiving, i flippin ate my weight in stuffing ;) I absolutely LOVE yams, but they simply MUST have 5 lbs of marshmellows on em or they arent worth eating.

As a bonus: What is your favorite Holiday Memory?

Oh this is such a difficult question to answer, i swear my short term memory gets worse as the years go on.....but i guess as time goes on i will remember, cause my long term is pretty darn good LOL!!

I would have to say i have several....

Like the time my friends and I snuck out (mere, me and cameron) and tp'd Dan Werlings house, and we heard a noise and ran like the wind only to be slowed down by Cameron tripping over the lights around the driveway.....funny stuff....damn those christmas lights, that should be a safety violation!!! I wouldnt say this was a FAVORITE memory, but anytime spent with good friends is a favorite time of mine. I had a blast when i was a kid, so care free......

Then there was the time Me and Lindz and Marcus made ginger bread cookies for family and friends, Marcus is an artist and i remember him making a picachu cookie....im sure i made a comment about how that had nothing to do with Christmas...but we had the lil red hots, and picachu has a red nose....it inspired him. i wish i was so easily inspired, then i might blog more ;)

Or when I went sking for the first time my jr year in HS with Jason's family, and tried to ski without lessons, going down a blue when you've never skied before is NOT a smart idea friends.....lets just say ive never done such perfect cartwheels before.....if i didnt know any better id say there might have been people at the bottom holding up signs with perfect 10's when i finally came to a stand still.....although my landing was a bit off....if id landed on my feet i would have raised my arms above my head but that just wasnt the case here. ;) Nooo i pretty much cussed the entire rest of the way down hill...and at some point just decided to take them off and walk down....

I could literally go on and on and on about all the wonderful things ive experienced during the holidays....its one of the best times of the year. I get to see my families come together and fellowship, eat lots of great food and open presidents (this is what we called them when we were lil) but best of all I get to see my boys believe in something....and all the magic and wonder that comes along with that.....yes santa is fun, but teaching them the TRUE meaning of Christmas is so important. This year will be the first year that Landon will be able to truly understand what Christmas is all about. I cant wait to tell him about Jesus' birth.

Tomorrow i will write a letter.....and show you pics of our Christmas decor..


bethany said...

Yeahhhhh! So happy that you were inspired! Your memories are just fun! It is always nice to go back and remember fun carefree times!
Can't wait to see the pics of your Christmas decor...and I too am looking forward to being able to tell my niece and nephews about Jesus! We are taking Cole to this event called "Walk to Bethlehem"...it's all real life stuff where they act out the events surrounding the birth of Christ...can't wait..I'll get pics for sure and post!

THE Stephanie said...

Ok, I'm totally hurt that our trip to Colorado didn't make your list. I calling my counselor now to set my weekly appointments.

Staci said...

i try and block that memory out!!!

Especially since i was a pawn of satan for the first few days, not to mention it took us 36 hours to get there....after our margaritas i was good....but i try not to relive it.......however watching you slide down half the mountain on your arse and hitting a super rad jump, only to land on your face was prob the funniest thing ive ever seen!! Im sure you try and block that out as often as possible so see why i didnt post about it??

lol i kid i kid....

i seriously should post about that, especially the pic i have of joey taking a wizz on the side of the road!!! classic!!

THE Stephanie said...

OMG i'm laughing OUT LOAD in my office. People are going to start asking questions.