Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas to all.....

So yesterday was one of those days, ya know the ones.....GOD I HOPE NO ONE SEES ME LIKE THIS!!!

Yes i stayed in my pjs all day, shooooot i don't even think i brushed my teeth yesterday morning ;)

Truth be told, i stay in my pjs almost everyday!! LOL I ALWAYS dress my kiddos though, but this day.....NOT SO MUCH.

Anyway, some of yall know by now im slightly OCD. REALLY. Everything has to be in its place, or rather, everything must be in control in my environment or i simply cannot function....its weird i know but naturally everything must MATCH. :) So in my living room we have the decorative Christmas tree. ALL MATCHY MATCHY with my living room.

I know I know, i have kids and its just not fair.....CHILL, I have a tree for them too with which i let them decorate all on their own and now EVERYONE IS HAPPY!!!

So I turned on the ole Christmas music (courtesy of Time Warner Cable) made some hot chocolate, laid all the ornaments out on the table (my mother and mother in law are OBSESSED with hallmark ornaments so we have a bujillion) and let them begin.

Here are some of our favorite ornaments, this one is sooo pretty it lights up....its like a stained glass window.Heres my lil man in 2004, good gracious that was 4 years ago!! aww poor baby, he used to cry ALL DAY at day care....i tried to put him in a few times a week to socialize him....didnt work, he would sit by the door ALLLL day and say "momma be right back" it was torture. So as you can tell he wouldnt even straighten up to say cheese, and notice he has his coat on, this is because he refused to take it off cause "momma be right back" HORRIBLE, makes me all teary just thinkin of it!!!

Good ole Mr. he has a "you stink" look to his face dont he?? Mr. Grinch cant even stand the sight of me.....
Here's lil Logie pre K so this was two Christmas's ago, notice he looks stuffy....yeah ALWAYS at this time of year....makes for FABULOUS pictures , what with his chapped upper lip and all....
This is the littlest angel, thats what my pipaw used to call my mom always gets me angel paraphanalia.....thats how i got obsessed with willow trees!!
the most famous reindeer of all.

And Finally the lil tree all lit up. I would show you pics of the kids but i had the same feeling about them as i did me...."God i hope noone sees my children like this" ;)

Merry Christmas Everyone!!


Rachel said...

I love those ornaments!
Hallmark has the best ones don't they!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

bethany said...

Beautiful trees and ornaments Staci! I just read your post on WalMart and laughed my head off! So true...I HATE that place! Give me Target anyday!!!!
Merry Christmas Eve to you and your boys!

Rosie and Derek said...

I love the days when I get to stay in pjs all day, but I too hope no one sees me like that.
Beautiful ornaments!

Anonymous said...

Great ornaments! I stayed in my PJs all day yesterday too! Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

Toni said...

Wonderful ornamets, I love ornaments! I hope Christmas brought you and your family many wonderful memories!