Saturday, December 27, 2008


Christmas was favorite gift was seeing my babies faces as they opened their favorite gifts!!! Aside from that, i get to go get a facial for Christmas...nothing compares to that!!! Ill let you know how it goes!! Don't be jealous!

Here are some pictures of my babies at Christmas!

Tinker Bell movie?? Yes, that is what my logan wanted from santa.......sheesh!

Our living area!
Hubby given me love cause i got him this!!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!!!


bethany said...

Merry Christmas Staci and Family!
It's always fun to see pictures of a family enjoying their Christmas celebrations!
Praying that you have a wonderful 2009!

Debra said...


These pictures are just precious. I am so glad your Christmas was blessed! Happy New Year to you, sweet sis!

Hugs to you!

WheresMyAngels said...

Ok, that did it!! Now I need to go read your post. lol I just had to check to see if I could comment.

WheresMyAngels said...

I love the letter and how funny about the Tink movie. Did he get it?

Rachel said...

The pictures are just adorable; and the one of you and hubby kissing; you gotta frame that one.

I hope you have a fabulous New Year!

KimmyJ said...

Merry Christmas to you and your precious family. Your daughter looks just like you!

Staci said...

hahaha kimmy i have two boys....but thats okay he is so pretty he gets mistaken for a girl ALL the time!!

KimmyJ said...

So sorry, Staci, I knew you had two boys too, don't know why I said daughter! But he is BEAUTIFUL either way! :)