Thursday, December 18, 2008

Think Back Thursday....

Yes its a shoot me....I have bloggers block....AGAIN....but this is a good repost!!! The best, cause its about my night at the pat benetar cant beat that!!!

This is proof that I used to be a good blogger, i used to be comical, i used to have substance.....WHYYYYYYY??? why cant i write??

Oh well, ENJOY how i USED to be....

When I was a tiny tot, my dad was in a band called lets remember that I was born in 79, just one small year short of being born in the raddest, bad to the bonest, bodacious, gnarlyest decade of all time!!!

My Dad is the one with the feathered hair.........hahaha........okay my dad is the one above the guy with the guitar. On the left....refrain from telling me i look just like him minus the mustache....ive heard that enough to make me want to have plastic surgery...i mean hes a DUDE for Santa's sake!!!! (im practicing not using the Lords name in vain.....santa was all i could come up with)

Anyway Renegade was (to me) the coolest band EVER ,as was every other band they (my parents) played in, they even opened for some pretty famous bands back in the day....I always remember trying to get some shut eye, but not really being able to because of the ruckus going on in the other room where they were practicing.
Some of my fav memories are of me and my brother cuttin a rug at the "Texas Tumble Weed" off of 281 which went on to become Jungle Jims and LA weight Loss and now who knows what resides there, and also the club "Sneakers", even just repeating that name is cool point is that it was then that it happened.....I became ADDICTED to 80's music!! Im talking "Men at Work" "The Outfield" "Aha" "A Flock of Seagulls" "Toto" "Banana Rama" "The Bangles" "Billy Idol" Seriously I could go on and on and on....for days....really.....HOWEVER it would be blasphemy to say that any of those 80's artists were my fav.....because they are FAVORITE all time 80's artist would have to be, HANDS DOWN............wait for it



Now im pretty sure i knew all the words to "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" by the time i was one, and im pretty sure that i learned to dance watching her in the video "Love is a Battlefield"

so it is no surprise that I would almost PASS OUT when I found out she would be in San Antonio......AND fate would have it my Mom's birthday happened to be coming up.......I thought to myself "Self, you are SOOO taking your mom to the concert for her bday" And that I did!!!!

Here are some pics of us celebrating my mommies bday, I love this pic because Landon decided it was HIS cake and HE was gonna blow out the candles.....and then we re lit it and at least let Mom HELP us blow them out.

Now this particular day, which happened to be this past Sunday....I have never in my life experienced such a wide variation of emotions........the two main emotions i felt on this day would be SEVERE HUMILIATION and INTENSE EXCITEMENT.

Why, you ask, would I have experienced such a broad range of emotions on this particular day?

Well my dear friends, I was asked to do something for a family member that I will

A. never attempt to do again, and

B. Never live down.....

EVER.......not even when I am standing at the pearly white gates of heaven will EVEN the Lord himself let me pass through with out snickering at me and asking me "Dear God WHY would you do such a thing?"

WHAT IS IT ALREADY are obviously dying to know....

Yes, I admit, I dressed up as Hannah Flippin Montanna for a young child's bday party and lip sync'd to songs which I hate to admit I know the names of so I wont post them on here.

I digress....why do I digress?? Because I really do not want to talk about fact i am feeling like locking myself in a closet right now.......or crying.......and NO i WILL NOT show you will have to solicit some member of my family for those which I am SURE they will be willing to show you since i am MOST POSITIVE they got a good kick out of it.

No really im not trying to be ugly, because i would do anything to make my family happy, but make no mistake, this one is going down in the history books as the ONLY time Staci EVER did a Hannah Montanna Impression.

MOVING ON to the the ladder, BETTER part of my day.......SO I jetted out of the Bday party as fast as my britches could carry me, and headed home to get ready for the CONCERT OF MY LIFE. Or should I say the SECOND BEST concert of my life, because the first time I saw Pat Benatar was with my Mom and my dear friend Holly Yanta who passed away in a car accident in 1999, and NOTHING will ever replace the memories I have of that night. Here is a pic of me and my momma before we left......

And here is a pic of our ticket into the Municipal Auditorium to watch the show......

The night started off with the opener Omar Lopez, He my friends was amazing!!! He was this electric violin player with a full band to back him up.....AND two awesome backup singers or opera singers or Indian inspired singers whatever you want to call them....sorry the singing was more than i could handle at times, speaking of more than i could handle.....his keyboard player.....OMG or as my blogger friend Heather would say "OH MY STARS" when my eyes lingered long enough from the amazingness of Omar Lopez to get a glimpse of his key boardist I about died from lauging so dang hard.....
Basically, since i have no picture ill just tell you that he looked like he was right from season 6 of American Idol, because he was the SPITTIN IMAGE of SANJIA (spelling?) and lest you think i am kidding, look up Omar Lopez on youtube, listen to his amazingness and dont drink anything when your watching it cause i guarantee you, you will die from hysterics!!! My mom and I must have turned to each other about a million times and made some comment such as "Man, Sanjia is REALLY rockin out" I mean seriously, if you look in the slightest, like him, PLEASE cut your hair!!!!

Then came Pat and Neil....and I just cannot TELL YOU how much they rocked!!! I mean really, I could only dream of having a voice like hers.....especially for however many years shes been rockin that voice.....and the talent level of her hubby on the guitar is JUST RIDICULOUS!!!! I sang along to every tune, and danced around......boy did i dance!!! It was FABULOUS just FABULOUS!!! The best part was when she sang "Hell is for Children" OH MAN if yall know this song I wont even have to explain what part im talkin about (and im still not going to explain because if you dont know, your just not cool enough to be my friend) but when she sings that one part at the end........i got gooseys.....HOW ??? How does anyone scream like that?

Anyhoo.....I thoroughly enjoyed myself and my moms company, and seeing the smile on her face when she got YET ANOTHER Neil Giraldo pick to add to her collection of concert picks (how do i get such luck please tell me?? My mom has a pick from the flippin PURPLE RAIN TOUR that prince himself handed her, a pic from Neil Shaun of Journey, AND two Neil Giraldo pics) was enough to last me a life time!!!!

Now dont be too disappointed when i tell you I dont really have any pics from the show...i know i know how could that be?? Well the camera Nazi resides in the Municipal Auditorium, no really after I pulled out just a tinsie lil phone she about bit my head off, AND even our phones did not do them justice.(Pat and Neil or Spider what ever you wanna call him, and YES we are on a first name basis....well not really, but a girl can dream) But I can say that they looked and sounded amazing. All in all it was an amazing night for which i will always cherish!!! And so from now until i decide you've (yes i said you) had enough, my blog will only be playing 80's music!!!
Ta Ta


Debra said...


Happy Thursday my sweet friend. I used to love Pat Benatar...I don't know why I used the venacular 'used to'...I just haven't heard her in forever! Have you ever seen the movie "13 going on 30"? The song "love is a battlefield" and Pat are all in that movie and it's really cute!

I'm so glad you had fun with your Mom! Great memories sweet one. And I'm giggling about the Hannah Montana thing...I really think it shows how big your heart is when it comes to your family and pleasing others!

Hugs to you!!

Toni said...

OOHHHHHHH I love pat benitar, I was just bee bopping around my house to her a few days ago! What a fun time with your mom! I wish my mom had been close to go with me to NKOTB LOL

Rachel said...

I love Pat Benetar are you kidding me! Those pics are fantastic; you look great!