Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Got The Itch to switch??

To Wordpress, that is!

If you know me im sure you know by now that i am one half of BLOGALICIOUS DESIGNS, and right now it's all the buzz in the blogging world, it seems. Is Blogger better? Should I switch to Wordpress? All my friends are doing it. Will I lose all of my information?


No worries! If you've got the itch to switch, contact us! We can discuss your options and if you decide to make the switch, we can take care of it for you!! If you would like to see an example of one of our clients wordpress sites CLICK HERE and check out Jen's super fabulous ideas on LIVIN THE SIMPLE LIFE!

Monday, November 30, 2009


Thanksgiving was a wonderful time full of family, laughter, and LOTS of eating!! I sure ate my weight in mimaws home cooking and i am SURE i gained back the few pounds i lost when my gallbladder went bye bye!!

Three of my Four Uncles on my moms side were in town from Colorado, Georgia, and Austin, and their kids Amy, and her hubby Ben from London, Meg from Georgia, and Annabel and her man Dustin from Colorado....It was a FULL house i tell ya and lots of fun!! Missed sisser alot this year!! :(

Then on to my dads side of the fam on Saturday, i wont even try and tell you how many people were at THAT shindig..... But my dad has two bros and two sisters and they all have kids and some of their kids have was big....REAL BIG. But again lots of fun!!

Good times, Good memories. Already cant wait till Christmas!! How was yours??

Sunday, November 15, 2009

This seems vaguely familiar!!

This seems vaguely familiar!!

Let me set this up...Lois, the mom, goes into her room, exhausted from her day...looking for a lil down time.....too funny not to share...and SO like my life...thanks mandy!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

My Gallbladder Hates Me

My gallbladder hates me.

Why you ask?? Well number one because it decided to go all postal on me and get all "inflamed" regardless of the fact that I am a healthy weight and non diabetic.

And number two, it hates me because its probably sitting in a pathology lab right now waiting to be analyzed when it could be all warm and snugly in my fatty tissue inside the ole body.....

No need to get all testy on me gallbladder!! I really don't appreciate the pain that you have put me in over the past couple of months, not to mention the pain that I am currently in from having you ripped from my body!!

YOU deserved to be poked prodded and ripped from my body, but I did NOT!!

I did not deserve to feel sooo full that i felt like i had just eaten a flippin HORSE, and i did NOT deserve to feel like i was gonna explode.

NO gallbladder i did not like the fact that I couldn't burp or flatulate, (sorry mom) and DAMMIT i did not deserve to have to sit in the hospital from Wednesday to Saturday with out so much as an ice chip in my tummy.

Gallbladder, i kept you all warm and fuzzy for 30 years.....why would you betray me so???

I guess its time to let go gallbladder, and move on to gallbladder heaven where you can pass gall stones and sludge without harming anyone.....

Good bye my sweet gallbladder, i wont miss you all that much since you weren't really an important part of my digestive system anyway.

Just in case you have NO idea what im talking about, i went into the hospital on wed only to leave on Saturday without a gallbladder.....i don't suggest upsetting yours anytime soon, its no fun!! :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dont wrestle WORSHIP

Do NOT wrestle.....WORSHIP

Oh goodness, if only i took that advice all the time id be a lot better off and a lot less stressed......

This morning i decided to look back over my journals for inspiration from the time I've spent with wonderful it is to be renewed by something you learned months or even years be reminded of what God once said or taught is a blessing.....

I'm often frustrated with myself because i feel like my walk or my character is constantly on this roller coaster of ups and downs and twists and turns. I'm consistently wrestling with desires when really all i need to do is lay it all at the feet of my provider, protector, comforter, and ask him to carry me through.....i need to WORSHIP.....there are lots of ways, my worship way of choice is through song, and prayer.....and meditation on his words.....

There was this time in my life where i was really struggling, and i was sooo frustrated, because i felt like i was really giving it my all, really worshiping but still in so much pain....I cried out to God "WHY, God....give me a word" I began to read his word and I was amazed at how what i was reading seemed to match up with my situation.....I began to feel COMFORT, PROTECTED and a HOPE that i hadn't felt in a while.....

in Romans 8:6, 8:9 and 8:14 God reassured me that I was controlled by the spirit, and the decisions i made were the right decisions no matter what, because (8:14) those who are led by the Spirit of God are sons of God.....

It goes on to reassure me that I should not be afraid or frustrated with my decisions (8:15) for i did not receive a spirit that makes me a slave again to fear but i received the spirit of son ship.....

And then it helped me to understand (8:17) that because i am a child of God i am i share in his SUFFERINGS in order that I may ALSO share in his Glory.....

As i read all this i began to feel uplifted and then when i continued i was FLOORED at how clearly He spoke to me......

Remember the feeling of FRUSTRATION... well it just so happened in this version i was reading.....

(8:20) For the creation (me) was subjected to FRUSTRATION not by its own choice but by the will of the one who subjected it, in hope that the creation (me) itself will be liberated from its bondage to decay and brought into the glorious freedom of the children of God.


I have been dealing for years with a spirit of rebellion....what i mean by that is I am consistently doing things that are not honoring to me, my children, my husband, and most importantly MY GOD. I become overwhelmingly frustrated with myself and repetitively try to accomplish change on my own......

I wrestle.....

Do NOT wrestle, WORSHIP.....for we are not wrestling with flesh and blood.....

I have to remember to lean completely on God to get me through these times, i can totally relate to the story of the Israelites.....they have gone through the same struggles, ups and downs if you will, since their exodus from Egypt.. When they were fully worshipping the Lord....always leaning on Him he would help them.....when they became self sufficient, disobedient, REBELLIOUS, they would once again have pain and suffering.

When they trusted God they defeated their enemies, when they didn't their enemies defeated them..... (Joyce Meyer)

Around this time I had read a book by Joyce Meyer and it really helped to encourage me....that I will one day overcome the things in my life that weigh me down....insecurities, rebelliousness, frustrations...etc etc. It really helped me to have a list of things to focus on.....maybe it will help you as well.

The amount of time the changes in your heart require are dependent on:

1. How long it takes us to get into agreement with God that we DO have the problem he says we have.

2. How long it takes us to stop making excuses and blaming it on someone else ( i am reeeal good at this one) :)

3. How long we spin our wheels so to speak trying to change ourselves....

4. How much time we spend studying His word waiting and worshiping Him, truly believing that He is working in us all the while we seek Him.

So, I am going to make that my saying today.....Don't Wrestle, WORSHIP.....

i am going to try to remember that I cannot win the battles on my own, but only through Christ who strengthens me..... (Philippians 4:13)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Loalbo's Go Camping

When i was a youngin i spent most of my summer weekends at a place in Concan, Texas called "Garner State Park"

I cannot tell you how many memories i have of coming here and swimming in the crystal clear Frio river, and roasting marsh mellows....even making new friends!! Some of my FAVORITE memories are of my time spent here and so i figured the boys needed the experience.

When we arrived we immediately got to work helping daddy with the tent.

Here's Logan
And lil Landon

Here's the finished product....they were good lil helpers!

After setting up camp we had to get the fire going....Here are the boys in front of it.

Landon was soo amazed by it....
After setting up we decided to take a walk down to the river which was literally a hop skip and a jump from our site.
Here's a pic of me and the boys and the beautiful hill country

And Daddy and the boys


Jason bought the boys head lamps so they could explore in the dark.

They were REALLY excited to conquer this big rock!!

After our walk we headed back for some dinner....we had hot dogs (which the boys roasted themselves on sticks, and steaks.

When we (me and my bro) would go camping with mimaw and pipaw as kids my pipaw would always make bow and arrows for us outta sticks and string...i made sure to tell jay that he should do the same for the boys and boy did he!! They came out AWESOME and were a hit with the kids at the campground.

Landon was soo impressed with his fire he decided he needed to make one of his own, i can not tell you how cute it was watching him put it all together by he is with his creation!

And with the flash light to make it look like its burning real fire....he even pretended to roast a marsh mellow. isn't he a doll??

And what would camping be WITHOUT roasted marsh mellows!!

We woke up, cooked eggs bacon and sausage on the camp fire, and headed out for a hike.....we had a wonderful time and will be doing that more often for sure!!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Lets Get Down to BIDNESS!!!

We have been busy girls and we wanted to share a few things with you today!!

First, please remember that not only do we offer web and blog design, we also do graphic design!! This is GREAT news for you because with the holidays right around the corner, you're gonna want to get a head start on your holiday cards for friends and family!!

Here are some examples of our work:


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And finally here are a few sites we've completed over the past few weeks...

Here's What's Cooking: This is a site we did for one of our great friends from church. Steph and I have known Carolyn for years and have ALWAYS LOVED her food. It's about time she started a site sharing her menus! I'll be going every Monday to her site for dinner ideas for sure!!!

CupCake FabuLous: This was a re-design for a previous client. Meleah came to us a while back for a blog with navigation and recently changed up her logo so she needed her site to reflect that change.  We got to work and voila!!

The Purple Pug: This is an awesome website where you can order party supplies, invites, decor, etc.Kristy   decided she needed a blog to talk about all the cute stuff she creates. If you're in the market for party themed creations, this is the place to go!!

And then there's my site! Whatcha think?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Frankly, this is halarious!!

I have read ALOT of funny things in my time...

But THIS. IS. AWWWWESOME (said like scene in the Chris Farley movie "Tommy Boy")

I could go on and on....but honestly, the story speaks for itself....please, partake......

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Youve Been Dying to Know

Wanna know about me??

    001. What is Your Name? Stacers

    002. How old are you? twenty ten :)

    003. What is the link to your website, blog, or myspace? uh your on it so id guess you know that info

    004. Birthplace? In a hospital

    005. Current Location?
    on my couch

    006. Eye Color?
    blueish grey

    007. Hair Color?
    currently poop brown

    008. Height?

    009. Heritage?
    heck if i know

    010. Piercing?

    011. Tattoos?

    012. Singer?
    occasionally, at weddings and bars karaoke style :)

    013. Song?
    i LOVE "sometime around midnight" by airborne toxic event

    014. Movie?
    too many to list

    015. Disney Movie?

    016. T.V. Show?
    Greys, vampire diaries, private practice, rrrw challenge

    017. Color?
    Navy, burnt orange

    018. Food?
    hate it, its responsible for my hips

    019. Pizza Topping?
    cheese, green peppers , pepperoni

    020. Ice-Cream Flavor?
    rocky road

    021. Drink( Alcoholic)?

    022. Soda?

    023. Store?

    024. Clothing Brand?
    who gives a rats

    025. Shoe Brand?
    '' ''

    026. Season?
    fall fo sho

    027. Month?

    028. Holiday?

    029. Flower?

    030. Board Game?
    trivial pursuit...get to learn a bunch of meaningless information

    031. Sunny or Rainy?

    032. Chocolate or Vanilla?
    chocolate....ive been known to consume massive amounts of it in one sitting

    033. Fruit or Vegetable?

    034. Night or Day?

    035. Sour or Sweet?
    sweet AND sour

    036. Love or Money?

    037. Phone or In Person?
    in person

    038. Looks or Personility?
    Personality unless hes ugly ;)

    039. Coffee or Tea?

    040. Hot or Cold?

    041. Goals for this Year?

    042. Most Missed Memory?
    the beach, the traveling with mimaw and peeps, the trees, dancing.....i have lots

    043. Best Physical Feature?
    eyes, or so ive been told

    044. Hypothetical Personality Disorder?
    what the??

    045. Preferred Type of Plastic Surgery?
    where do i begin......

Now its ur turn!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New Blog Design and Update!!

So as you can see I decided it was time i mix it up a bit!! I wanted something fun and a lil more colorful!! The pink really makes me those Blogalicious Design girls are awesome aren't they?? ;) I will still be making adjustments here and there but so far so good. Me likey. :)

I wanted to give yall an update as well about nursing school, I had posted about it HERE and i was tied in knots about an entrance exam that i had to take in order to get into the program. Well, I PASSED!!! And will be beginning school in February.

Originally i wanted to start in November but unfortunately the November class was full. I was super bummed :( but I believe everything happens for a reason and I was thinking it through and realized ill be able to enjoy the holidays without stressing about school and extra money going towards child care. So it was a blessing in disguise....seems the man upstairs has got my back!!

Thank you to all who prayed and supported me!! I cant wait to begin this new chapter in my life!

Bear with me....

Please bear with me while i change out the design on my blog. It was time for an update!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

happy bday logan cole!

Today you are 8. It seems like just yesterday I was holding you in my arms for the first time, and hearing everyone in the room say how absolutely perfect you are. This word to describe you still remains true, you are the most wonderful child, pure and sweet and the most wonderful big brother ever. Happy birthday my sweet boy. May all your dreams come true.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Big Step

So for the past few months i have been preparing for a BIG life change, for the first time in about 10 years i will be going BACK to school. Yes ladies and gentleMAN i will be attempting nursing school and I am sooo excited yet TERRIFIED at the same time.

On Saturday I will be taking the PAX exam and I feel like ralphing because this means i will have to solve math problems, something i haven't done since i was like 18 and trust me i didn't do it all that great back then.

IF i pass this exam i will then begin the process of financial aid....OH JOY!!!

I hope that you will join me in prayer for this big step in my life....I am soo nervous about the test on Saturday and perplexed about the financial strain this will put on my sweet husband. Please pray that I was able to retain at least SOME of the knowledge from the years i spent in school, and pray that I will remain strong during these 2 1/2 years that it takes for me to complete the program. This will also be a HUGE step in Landons life, he will begin daycare when i start school, something he has never had to away from his momma. Please pray for his sweet heart as well.

I am super excited about this new chapter in my life and I thank you in advance for your positive thoughts and prayers......ill keep you all posted!!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

MTV Video Music Awards

Clearly I am just a bandwagon jumper because I choose to talk about what every one else is talking about THE VMA's. But I cant help it. There was waaay too much going on last night.

Never mind Kayne's antics That should be expected people, i mean really....did you ever expect anything more from someone as self involved as he?? And SHOCKER this isn't the first time he has done such a thing. He once got up on stage to make sure everyone knew HE deserved the award for his video that "cost a million dollars to make AND had Pamela Anderson in it" What hasn't she......

ill stop myself cant be good.

And never mind pink hung UPSIDE down from the rafters while she performed. AMAZING. and YES she was singing, i give her MAD props for being able to pull that off and belt it out as well. SHE ROCKS!!
But forget all that for a moment cause what i REALLLLLLY want to talk about is Lady freakin GAGA.


First let me introduce you to Lady Jester/Lady Phantom of the Opera/ Lady black bird....

but seriously folks that wasn't nearly as out there as her performance where she let the paparazzi know that she hates them

Seriously whats with the dude to the left with the thong underwear on his face.....I couldn't pay attention to the performance because i kept saying to myself :

"is that"

"no that's not"

"wait, it is"

"yep its a freaking thong"

RIDICULOUS......but wait it gets think I'm kidding.

I'M NOT not talking about how she smeared blood allover herself to let the paparazzi know they are killing her....

I'm talking about this, yet again i say HAWHAT THE EFF??

However NOTHING compared to her final outfit with which the birds in my front yard would have been happy to make a home.......

yes i am speaking of the birds nest. SHEESH!

In the past if not for her the VMA's might have been pretty unentertaining, but i have to admit this year was by far the BEST VMA's I've seen in a looong time. I LOVED the MJ Tribute and Madonna's speech made me a lil weepy....and Janet ROCKED the stage for her big bro. It was definitely an interesting night!!

If you missed it I'm sure you can catch it again on MTV as they will surely play it over and over again rather than playing....oh i don't know MUSIC.

Till next time!!