Sunday, February 1, 2009

Prayer Request

Please pray for my bloggy friend at Learning to Love Every Moment, whose precious niece has developed a blood infection brought on by staph....she is a mere 6 weeks old.

Some of you know that my 3 year old dealt with MRSA and had to have surgery, which i talk about HERE, and so i feel her pain however cant imagine what she is going through not knowing how her child feels, if her child is in pain, being that she cant express it.

I know our God can move mountains, and i am praying that he will do just that!! We dont always understand what the Lord is doing in the midst of a crisis like this, but one day we will look back and see what good he has brought out of our suffering, i dont believe that he causes these terrible things to happen to our precious childeren, but i do believe he is big enough to bring good out of any bad.

When I was able to look back on the horrible pain my child went through i was able to see something that he wanted me to learn......i wrote about it HERE. Anyway, pray pray pray.


daniella said...

Oh Staci, this means to me more than you know! I'm so sorry to hear that your little man went through such a terrible thing. I know how painful those boils can be. I had one near my elbow when I was in 5th grade and it looked like a massive tumor. It hurt worse than anything I've ever experienced. Then I got one again when I was about 22 on my hip (I don't even know how!) and now I have a scar.

I have no idea how Abby got it, and I understand there's many types of Staph infections and many ways you can get them. I don't know if she has any outside her body but the fact that it's in her blood is terrible. Her body is simply too little to fight off such a thing. But our God is big and mighty, and He saves, heals and mends.

Thank you so much for posting this and for keeping my sis and her family in your prayers. I'm always amazed how God works when the body of Chirst come together in His name.

Tatersmama said...

Honey, I'm praying with all my might and I'll ask my circle to pay for this family as well.

Debra said...


I just said a prayer for the family. Thank you for petitioning us to pray!

((hugs)) to you, my friend.

bethany said...

I went over to Daniella's site and posted a prayer for baby Abby. This is so sad that a little baby has to suffer so but we KNOW that our Lord is powerful and soverign over all...He will do a mighty work and I can't wait to praise Him for it!
Sorry to hear that your little guy got sick in this way too! Glad that he is okay.
About all the babies...I know the feeling of wanting one! All my girlfriends are having babies. God appararently does not have that in the plan for my life. boo hoo.

The Blonde Duck said...

I'm keeping them in my thoughts.

Honorary Indian said...

You betcha I'm gonna pray. For all that you wrote about.

AND. I'm gonna pray that God leads you to the Walk to Emmaus. If not in March...then in July. If not in July...then at the right time that He intends for you to be there.

It will be a blessing to your life like no other.

And, then, you can go on and be an even bigger blessing to those in your life...more of a blessing than you already are.

Give me a "shout out" if you feel called to go...


WheresMyAngels said...

Prayers out to them.