Monday, March 2, 2009

Where does Jesus reside??

The other day i was just driving along drivin along....and typically if im alone my mind begins to wander a bit....somehow i end up at my destination...does that ever happen to you...ya know you completely forget your driving and start thinking, and then all of the sudden BAM ....your home and your like "what the??"

Well this was my state this particular day, and i began to think about the world in which we live and how things aren't as safe like they used to be, and how many people are suffering....and i began to feel this urgency....ya know to make sure that i had talked enough about Jesus and his purpose and why he died. I talk about him alot to my children, and Logan seems to know alot about the Lord, and why he died and how he's forgiven and so on and so fourth.....

but my baby
my sweet baby boy, he has just begun to understand who he is. Im sure you can understand the urgency.....i guess im just paranoid.....but i began to think,

"what if he comes tomorrow, will i have taught my beautiful child enough about what his eternal father did for him?"

Now im not saying that sweet lil innocent things like this don't go on to heaven......but in all honesty i really don't know the answer to that question, i have learned that we are ALL born into sin, and if that is the case will he be forgiven if he doesn't grasp the concept...and he is MY child, my responsibility to teach him....and darnit if i don't want to do everything i can to have my child with me when i reside in heaven. There is lots of debate on this issue i know, i hear it all the time and have thought about it alot. All i can really do to secure their place in heaven along side me is just make sure they know HIM.

So that's what i do, maybe that's me not trusting the Lord....and shame on me for that....but i admit i have trust issues.....or maybe its just me loving my child sooo much that i cant bare to be separated from him. Whatever my heart is feeling my hearts desire is that he know HIM the way i do.

So yesterday I asked Landon while we were eating as a family:

"Landon, where does Jesus live"

and he responded

"in my haaaut" (heart)

and i say: "that's right baby" "and do you remember what mommy told you he did for you on the cross??"

and he said

"yeah, he falled down and died" :)

Were getting there......


mama's smitten said...

Oh my gosh I have done that semi unconscious driving so many times! Scary! Your conversation with your son was precious! I wanted to stop by and thank you so much for the button you made! Thank you for sharing your talent with me! :) Have a Great Day!

Kristina P. said...

Children always have the best, most innocent answers!

Lori said...

What a nice story! Kids can say the nicest things.

Have a great week!

Blogalicious Designs said...

OMG, I just cried right here in my office.

Goodness I love that sweet boy. Kisses from Aunt Steph.

Grand Pooba said...

Oh that is so precious Stacey!

daniella said...

Awe! You're a good mama, Stace. Just keep doing what you're doing and know that ultimately, you can't save your child, we can't even save ourselves, only He can. I heard that "The Storybook Bible" is a great way to start. I believe you could get it on Amazon and any other book store. It tells the story of Jesus (and other bible stores) like no other kids books.

Jenster said...

Goodness, that's just so sweet.

Jamie said...

This is too cute!!!! Addy asked me the other day "Where are the stairs to heaven?" and she says she just wants to go there for one day to see it, that always freaks me out as a mom!

Staci said...

awww, i know that is scary...but one day they will see it....getting close to your wedding day!!! bet your soo excited!!