Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cant we all just get along.....

Okay Perez Hilton don't go getting your panties all in a wad......

Anyone hear about the Miss USA debacle?? or shall i say miss runner up to Miss USA??

Now i don't watch Miss USA, not because i think there is anything wrong with these type of competitions, but more so that i might just have to go take a 2 hour run after watching these ridiculous fit women parade their perfectly fit bodies around.....and i no likey run. K??

Anyway, moving right along. Miss Cali was asked by none other than your favorite blogger and mine PEREZ HILTON (hmmm i wonder why they chose HIM to ask)

"Vermont recently became the fourth state to legalize same-sex marriage," "Do you think every state should follow suit, why or why not."

and Miss California answered (basically) "I think it is great that in America we are given the option to choose, however, in my family i was raised to believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman."

NOW, I am not writing this blog to promote my views on this issue. If you were to ask me i wouldn't be able to answer for me its too complicated an answer...I would love and respect you no matter what your choice.....however, I simply cannot believe that because she opened her mouth and spoke the truth about what she believed, that she immediately became the focus of the news media for the days that followed.


Isn't this what America is ALL ABOUT, the freedom of choice.....and isn't this in fact what the whole uproar over Gay marriage is about?? That being humans they should be able to choose??

It is ABSURD to me that he is walking around bashing someone for doing the very thing HE chooses to do on a daily basis....speak the truth about how he feels. I don't know about YOU but i would want MY miss America to be REAL about who she is and how she feels. And not hide her gut feelings....because otherwise she is being FAKE and misleading us all.

Just because she has her opinions, like you do Perez.....does not mean she is a dumb B. What would you have said if she lied....won the crown and then later someone over heard the truth......

Moral of the story...EVERY ONE black, white, man, woman, gay, or hetero has the FREEDOM to believe whatever they choose without judgement.

Cant we all just get along??


Kristina P. said...

I agree! It makes me upset that because she said something that Hollywood doesn't like, and isn't PC, that means that she's a bad person and role model.

I may not entirely agree with everything she said, but I think that her views actually do represent the majority of Americans, whether Liberal Hollywood wants to believe it or not.

Tatersmama said...

Staci, I agree with you!
This just makes me glad that I didn't watch it! (well, not that we even 'see' it here, but still...)

Isabelle said...

I have to agree with you! I think she could have answered way better than she did but I'm thorn because she was honest about how she felt and it took guts!

Sharon M said...

The right to marry for homosexual couples is as inflammatory (and polarizing) as the abortion issue. I think it was in poor taste for that judge to ask a question like that. I have a feeling that he knew a little bit of her background and could take a pretty good guess at what her response would be.

I think she could have responded better with a more neutral answer, but I bet, in hindsight, she does too.

Keyona said...

She could have answered one of two ways. Either way they would have given her shit about her answer. Can't win for losing.

drollgirl said...

gotta disagree with you here. he is promoting non-discrimination and tolerance and allowing gays to have the same rights of others. she is trying to say that only straight people should have those rights and that gays should not, so i see why it is such a big deal.

Blogalicious Designs said...

thats cool your entitled. :) However he asked "why or why not" and she answered honestly. So i dont see why it is an issue. And although she may or may not be saying what you think she is saying...it is her right to think that and say that when asked. You might not like her oppinion, and nither do i, but its hers. And she should be able to say it without being judged....just as someone who wants to marry within their same gender should have the right to make that choice. That is what i am saying. what i am NOT saying is that what she said was right.

does that make more sense?

a.e. said...

I'm with drollgirl: what Miss Cali said was perhaps her belief, but what if she had said she thought it wasn't okay for blacks to marry whites? That also used to be illegal. Of course she has the right to her beliefs, no matter how bigoted or ignorant or intolerant they are.

Toni said...

I think it was an absolutely crappy question to ask. People are going to lean one way or the other. I absolutely lean the way she does and I am not ashamed to admit that. It' s my right to have an opinion and believe the way I want to just like it is Perez's to do the same. Just because I dont' believe the same thing he does or Hollywood most certainly does not make me ignorant or a bad person just like it does not make Miss California one either.

I assume it's b/c everyone got blindsided b/c she isn't "mainstream" like the rest of California and they didnt' like that . Well guess what people, everyone is entitled to believe in what they want and not like abortion or gay marriage or vice versa for that matter. They just want someone to pick on and she is the new target, it's sad in our "free" country that someone gets condemned for the freedom they have to believe what they want!

Grr can you tell this makes me a little hostile

GamecockQueen said...

I hate that she's getting more attention than the actual winner. It's seems unfair in a way.

I wish she had said something very PC and middle of the road. I would have said "the great thing about living in America is that we can vote on issues that are important to us and that's why it's great to be involved and aware of the news and current events and be an educated voter" or something very general like that.

No matter which side your opinion is on, there will be judges on the opposite "side" and you don't want to offend anyone. After all, she's a beauty queen, not a politician! Who cares what she believes? Questions are supposed to see if she can string together a sentence and think of her feet.

I think she's gotten way too much attention in the media.