Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

Dont forget about our contest, we are giving away a blog makeover....we are extending it since i was sick and not blogging about it. So if you wanna win a makeover for a friend and a lil somethin somethin for your self GO HERE and tell us why your friend or family member deserves the makeover....and PLEASE no lameness like "she is soo cool" haha

Yes, Im alive, i survived the illness that I thought would be the death of me....I apologize for being so blah and not reading your fabulous blogs....I have ALOT to catch up on.

My weekend, although i was miserable, was sooo long, and i have the pictures to prove it.

Friday Broseph turned 30....poor we had margaritas, fatty mcgee foods, and FUN with the Wii

Here is a picture of my perfect wii bowling form

This is me smiling cause im awesome....oh yeah and there is the bday boy in the blogalicious befris hubby....i have other pics of hime but im too lazy to upload them ;)

Then Saturday was an errand day, and on to my Bee fri Linders house for the most amazing green enchiladas i have EVER had....i told her pops that he totally should open a resturant. Then we ladies sat and watch the THRILLING (can you catch the sarcasum) lifetime movie "tribute" The whole time i kept thinking about how britney murphy has TOTALLY had something done in her mouth region i just cant quite figure it puzzled me. Dont have any pics of that...but here are some of my fabulous flowers to gaze at....

i got a rowdy sunburn planting them, so easterish arent they?? Speaking of Easter here are some pics of me and my HANDSOME boys!!

Dada was sooo sleepy and cute that he mustered a smile for this....i think i got him sick....sorry honey!!

Here is a pic of me and my baby them

We had breakfast with the inlaws and then on to Easter services at the Freeman collesium. YEP i said it collesium....our church has 7 services on the weekend and so came the idea to have us all at the same place at the same was amazing, they had kids activities and the worship was awesome!!

Our Church partnered with the san antonio food bank in hopes to restock it during these hard economical times where they are running really low, and when i left they had already filled 5 big moving trucks FULL of food and they were still loading.

After the service we headed to pops house for my Adams family gathering and easter egg hunt....they fill HUNDREDS of eggs for my HUGE family....logan and landon RAKED it in. And then on to mimaws for some fun, food, and the masters......*YAWN Here is a pic of all the golf freaks

I think i pretty much ate my wieght in food on sunday...time for some cardio!!

Hope yall had a BLESSED easter!! And dont forget to sign up for our contest!!


Isabelle said...

That was a busy week-end!!!! Your boys are adorable!!!! Have a great day

Kristina P. said...

I'm glad you're feeling better! Your family is beautiful!

Grand Pooba said...

Geez, what a fun Easter you had! And a sunburn? I am so jealous that the sun is actually showing you it's face!

kelly said...

seems like such an eventful weekend! your sons are so adorable! I dont really have anyone i could nominate for the make over! im sorry!

Glad you feel better!



Debra said...


You and your family look just precious all ready for Easter! Hope you had a blessed one! It certainly looks like a great time!

Happy Monday, sweet that fabulous smile of yours! Big hugs!

mama's smitten said...

What great pictures Stacy! Looks like a good time. Your boys are handsome!

Penny said...

yeah i would love to see some vintage photos of your mum!

lowleeta said...

1) youve got excellent bowling form.
2) your kids are absolutely precious.
3) i could really go for a sunburn right now... luckily its a sunny 47 degrees in nyc right now... but last night was SO cold - absolutely ridiculous for mid april!!

Tatersmama said...

I'm glad you had such a good Easter... and thanks for sharing the photos!
That's definitely one good looking bunch of boys you've got!

daniella said...

Uhm, I had a whole bunch to say but by the time I was through reading the whole post I lost my train of thought.

Oh right, I totally wantched the lame moveieon Lifetime. What bothered me the most was actually her eyebrows. Those things look like they wouldn't even go through a weed wacker!

I'll come back with more thoughts :-)

Happy Birthday to your hubby!