Monday, September 14, 2009

MTV Video Music Awards

Clearly I am just a bandwagon jumper because I choose to talk about what every one else is talking about THE VMA's. But I cant help it. There was waaay too much going on last night.

Never mind Kayne's antics That should be expected people, i mean really....did you ever expect anything more from someone as self involved as he?? And SHOCKER this isn't the first time he has done such a thing. He once got up on stage to make sure everyone knew HE deserved the award for his video that "cost a million dollars to make AND had Pamela Anderson in it" What hasn't she......

ill stop myself cant be good.

And never mind pink hung UPSIDE down from the rafters while she performed. AMAZING. and YES she was singing, i give her MAD props for being able to pull that off and belt it out as well. SHE ROCKS!!
But forget all that for a moment cause what i REALLLLLLY want to talk about is Lady freakin GAGA.


First let me introduce you to Lady Jester/Lady Phantom of the Opera/ Lady black bird....

but seriously folks that wasn't nearly as out there as her performance where she let the paparazzi know that she hates them

Seriously whats with the dude to the left with the thong underwear on his face.....I couldn't pay attention to the performance because i kept saying to myself :

"is that"

"no that's not"

"wait, it is"

"yep its a freaking thong"

RIDICULOUS......but wait it gets think I'm kidding.

I'M NOT not talking about how she smeared blood allover herself to let the paparazzi know they are killing her....

I'm talking about this, yet again i say HAWHAT THE EFF??

However NOTHING compared to her final outfit with which the birds in my front yard would have been happy to make a home.......

yes i am speaking of the birds nest. SHEESH!

In the past if not for her the VMA's might have been pretty unentertaining, but i have to admit this year was by far the BEST VMA's I've seen in a looong time. I LOVED the MJ Tribute and Madonna's speech made me a lil weepy....and Janet ROCKED the stage for her big bro. It was definitely an interesting night!!

If you missed it I'm sure you can catch it again on MTV as they will surely play it over and over again rather than playing....oh i don't know MUSIC.

Till next time!!


Sunshinemeg said...

The Kanye thing is insane! Who does he think he is? He is always up to something, but that crossed a line. Have a good week!

drollgirl said...

oh dear. i guess i should have watched this last night! d'oh!!!

Debra said...

And to think I was watching

Oh my stars, my friend...I don't know how you could have not been saying what you were saying because as soon as I saw the pictures I was saying "huh?" hahah

Oh my stars!!! Have a blessed day my friend.

Grand Pooba said...

I think I am the only one who didn't watch the VMAs last night, and it was only because my hubby was hogging the tv with FOOTBALL. Grrr, and to think I missed a bloody Lady Gaga!

Sheesh! Never again will I miss it.

Under the Florida Sun said...

We don't have cable so I missed it.. though I probably wouldn't have watched it..
But I was watching the news this morning and was thinking..

What??? Are you kidding me???
Too funny.. guess why they are all in the field they are in.