Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New Blog Design and Update!!

So as you can see I decided it was time i mix it up a bit!! I wanted something fun and a lil more colorful!! The pink really makes me happy.....man those Blogalicious Design girls are awesome aren't they?? ;) I will still be making adjustments here and there but so far so good. Me likey. :)

I wanted to give yall an update as well about nursing school, I had posted about it HERE and i was tied in knots about an entrance exam that i had to take in order to get into the program. Well, I PASSED!!! And will be beginning school in February.

Originally i wanted to start in November but unfortunately the November class was full. I was super bummed :( but I believe everything happens for a reason and I was thinking it through and realized ill be able to enjoy the holidays without stressing about school and extra money going towards child care. So it was a blessing in disguise....seems the man upstairs has got my back!!

Thank you to all who prayed and supported me!! I cant wait to begin this new chapter in my life!