Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Youve Been Dying to Know

Wanna know about me??

    001. What is Your Name? Stacers

    002. How old are you? twenty ten :)

    003. What is the link to your website, blog, or myspace? uh your on it so id guess you know that info

    004. Birthplace? In a hospital

    005. Current Location?
    on my couch

    006. Eye Color?
    blueish grey

    007. Hair Color?
    currently poop brown

    008. Height?

    009. Heritage?
    heck if i know

    010. Piercing?

    011. Tattoos?

    012. Singer?
    occasionally, at weddings and bars karaoke style :)

    013. Song?
    i LOVE "sometime around midnight" by airborne toxic event

    014. Movie?
    too many to list

    015. Disney Movie?

    016. T.V. Show?
    Greys, vampire diaries, private practice, rrrw challenge

    017. Color?
    Navy, burnt orange

    018. Food?
    hate it, its responsible for my hips

    019. Pizza Topping?
    cheese, green peppers , pepperoni

    020. Ice-Cream Flavor?
    rocky road

    021. Drink( Alcoholic)?

    022. Soda?

    023. Store?

    024. Clothing Brand?
    who gives a rats

    025. Shoe Brand?
    '' ''

    026. Season?
    fall fo sho

    027. Month?

    028. Holiday?

    029. Flower?

    030. Board Game?
    trivial pursuit...get to learn a bunch of meaningless information

    031. Sunny or Rainy?

    032. Chocolate or Vanilla?
    chocolate....ive been known to consume massive amounts of it in one sitting

    033. Fruit or Vegetable?

    034. Night or Day?

    035. Sour or Sweet?
    sweet AND sour

    036. Love or Money?

    037. Phone or In Person?
    in person

    038. Looks or Personility?
    Personality unless hes ugly ;)

    039. Coffee or Tea?

    040. Hot or Cold?

    041. Goals for this Year?

    042. Most Missed Memory?
    the beach, the traveling with mimaw and peeps, the trees, dancing.....i have lots

    043. Best Physical Feature?
    eyes, or so ive been told

    044. Hypothetical Personality Disorder?
    what the??

    045. Preferred Type of Plastic Surgery?
    where do i begin......

Now its ur turn!!


Anonymous said...

Cute post! I love the response to singer? Haha

THE Stephanie said...

Ha ha! #45... I'm right there with ya! Let's make our appts. together, k?

The Not So Perfect Housewife said...

Loved so many of these. You seem to have the same personality that I have.. highly sarcastic :-)

Loved the Poop Brown hair color. I think I have the same. ROFL!

Joyce said...

so I picked a good day to favorite is #38...I'm definitely going to steal that and use it sometime : )

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Love to read these type of lists and questions! fun answers!

Blessings & Aloha!