Sunday, November 8, 2009

My Gallbladder Hates Me

My gallbladder hates me.

Why you ask?? Well number one because it decided to go all postal on me and get all "inflamed" regardless of the fact that I am a healthy weight and non diabetic.

And number two, it hates me because its probably sitting in a pathology lab right now waiting to be analyzed when it could be all warm and snugly in my fatty tissue inside the ole body.....

No need to get all testy on me gallbladder!! I really don't appreciate the pain that you have put me in over the past couple of months, not to mention the pain that I am currently in from having you ripped from my body!!

YOU deserved to be poked prodded and ripped from my body, but I did NOT!!

I did not deserve to feel sooo full that i felt like i had just eaten a flippin HORSE, and i did NOT deserve to feel like i was gonna explode.

NO gallbladder i did not like the fact that I couldn't burp or flatulate, (sorry mom) and DAMMIT i did not deserve to have to sit in the hospital from Wednesday to Saturday with out so much as an ice chip in my tummy.

Gallbladder, i kept you all warm and fuzzy for 30 years.....why would you betray me so???

I guess its time to let go gallbladder, and move on to gallbladder heaven where you can pass gall stones and sludge without harming anyone.....

Good bye my sweet gallbladder, i wont miss you all that much since you weren't really an important part of my digestive system anyway.

Just in case you have NO idea what im talking about, i went into the hospital on wed only to leave on Saturday without a gallbladder.....i don't suggest upsetting yours anytime soon, its no fun!! :)


Hot Tub Lizzy said...

I apparently angered my gallblader about... 5 years ago. I was sitting there one night, just having finished a spaghetti diner, when all of a sudden my stomach/chest started hurting SO BADLY.... I thought I was having a heart attack but I was 32 years old. We threw the girls at a neighbor and went to the ER. I couldn't even walk upright it hurt so bad. They determined it was my gall bladder and they gave me some medicine and sent me home. I went the the dr a couple days later, and he said it needed to come out. Now mind you, this was about a week before thanksgiving, and he said NO fatty food AT ALL. SIgh... nice thanksgiving. OH - plus we were moving into a new house the first of december, Essie's birthday was the 2nd of december, and I had surgery scheduled for the 5th of December. Planned to be out of work 1 day (surgery on Friday - rest over the weekend).

Well... I had the surgery... and something went wrong. They're still not sure what, but after the surgery was done and I was in recovery, my blood pressure bottomed out... like almost buying the farm. I vaguely remember the dr telling me they would have to go back in becuase I was bleeding internally.

Well... an 8 inch incision and one blood tranfusion later, I was tucked in my hospital room for 5 days. Out of work for 6 weeks. Had to sleep in a recliner for 8 weeks because it hurt to much to try to sit up or lay down.

Yeah... I agree... don't anger the gallbladder.

The Not So Perfect Housewife said...

Oh goodness. Hope you are feeling better soon!!!

Isabelle said...

I'm glad you're back home and feeling better!

BTW I love the new design!

Grand Pooba said...

Oh yuck! Four days in the hospital? I'm sorry, I hope your able to burp and flatulate now!