Thursday, April 8, 2010

I had forgotten....

Periodically I remember things that I had forgotten and get a lil chuckle. If you know me i have the absolute WORST short term memory, but have the BEST long term memory.....i mean i can recall what happened several years back down to what i was freakin wearing....but if you asked me what happened 5 mins ago, id tell you "i have no clue, but give me a few years and ill remember" LOL


So im not sure how we got on the subject of children dialing 911.... WAIT!! Now i do!!!! (see it only took me a few hours to remember that!!) anyway, we were talking about teaching your child important safety information in class today and i remembered something that happened when Logan was like 3 or 4

So at around this age kids are able to remember a host of information, so its best for safety reasons to begin teaching them their last name, their address, their home number etc so that incase of an emergency they can recall the proper info to the authorities. You also want to teach them that if something were to happen to mommy or daddy or their care taker to call 911 for help.....i had been stressing this information for a few weeks, going over our address and making him repeat 1#3@2 Filly Valley "f " as in frog (cause most people think i say "silly valley") and going over how to call 911 if mommy wasn't talking or, we were at my mimaws one day for a visit and Logan was in the back room playing as usual and me and mimaw visiting in the front and we get a knock at the door.....

I think you know where this is going....

I open the door and there stands a san antonio police officer......OH CRAP

"Hi can i help you officer" I say

"yes um we received a call from this home but didn't get a response, we came to check and make sure everything was okay"

Here is where I prove to you i have a horrible short term memory......

"yes sir everything is fiiiiine, u might go check the house next door cause it wasn't us"

DURRRR cue light bulb


police officer returns

"nope ship shape, everything is fine at the neighbors" he says

me red faced and all

"loooooogaaaaan" I say

"yes momma"

"Logan, this is officer so and so" "remember when mommy talked to you about dialing 911" I ask

"mmmhmm" he says

"Well, when are you supposed to dial 911" I ask

"when mommy or daddy is hurt" He says

"Logan, is anyone here hurt" I ask

"Noooooo" he says

"Logan, did you dial 911?" I ask

shakes head no

"looogan" i say in a more firm tone...

head drops and shakes yes with his lil lip quivering.....

at this point officer so and so pulls out a huge sticker that's made to look like a badge and he thanks Logan for knowing what to do in an emergency, but to be careful not to call unless he needs them because he could be taking away from someone who really needs help!! He called Logan a hero for knowing what to do, it made his DAY!!

I apologized repeatedly and thanked him for being so kind.

It was pretty precious!!

I remembered....and it made me chuckle!!!