Thursday, April 15, 2010

I love....

I love....

How my lil one cant keep from giggling when mommy washes his feet in the bathtub..... even when i am having one of those "not so happy mommy moments" or im exhausted from the million "mommy I wants" i cant help but giggle along :)

How sweet Logan is to his baby he always gives him a kiss on he forehead in the morning before leaving for school and how he runs to his side when he is hurt.

chocolate :) mmmmmmm, sometimes a lil too much

talking and having my mind stimulated with good conversation......and i love those people who challenge my thoughts.


my flowers in the front yard.....and the freshly stained table and chairs that sit on my porch.....they make me happy :)

my friends, new and old :)

that im nearing the end of the first quarter of school, HOLLA!

even though it is sooo wrong, i love how Landon crosses his eyes when im scolding him for wrong doing.....i have nearly wet my pants holding in laughter when he does that.... "stay strong lil root" :)

my pink blankie ive had since birth that my mimaw made, even though its been washed a million times it seems to hold up and has a certain smell to it......LOVE IT.

my family.

my ipod.....its an ocean of songs that stimulate memories and happiness.....

u for reading this!

the end. :)


THE Stephanie said...

He he... I love you too!!

And I miss you! For the love!! Are y'all coming to Joey's graduation party? That may be the next time I see you! Oh, and Izzy will be here:)