Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day to me!!

Today i didn't get flowers, i didn't get diamonds, i didn't get anything material at all......but it was the best day!!

My husband made me my favorite breakfast, FRENCH TOAST!! It was amazing.....

We soon realized however that our oldest, Logan, wasn't feeling very well....I'm concerned he may have strep again, sheesh, BUT that made it easier to have a snuggle fest because he wasn't much into playing or moving i feel asleep with my babies on the couch while my wonderful hubsters cleaned and organized and shopped ( I HATE GROCERY SHOPPING) and even washed and vacuumed my car!! what a man!!

I got some good rest, and then my youngest asked for some cookie dough!

Nothing. beats. cookie dough. PERIOD....

so we made cookie dough....for no good reason. It was awesome!! Now I'm watching scooby doo with my lil men while my man makes me dinner.

They may think they have it good but i have it BETTER!

Happy Mothers Day to me!! And to you!