Sunday, August 15, 2010

Blah week, snoodle do will do the trick

So the past week ive just felt BLAH.....


Just going through some things and have just an overall yucky feeling.....hence the BLAHness :)

in all honesty, i know the biggest problem is disconnection....and i feel it in more than one relationship.....but most importantly with God. I have felt dissappointed in myself, and i have let a situation that was very minor with someone I love deeply, just beat me down this week....along with other things.....and I just wanna cry like a weenie!! Has anyone else felt that way lately??

Anyway, a few years ago i went to hear a fellow blogger from San Antonio speak at a church, and she introduced us to a veggie tales episode that seriously touched me. I thought this week i would remind myself that how others see me and/or the situations im in....are not what define me.....

If your feeling down....down on yourself, regardless of whether you caused those feelings or someone else did.... then check out this post from a few years back...i promise you wont regret it!! made me feel so much better.


I was DEEPLY moved when I heard Big Momma talk. She began with talking about her blog and the doors that it had opened for her. She talked about how God called her to quit her job when there could be no way they would make it with out her income. And then she talked about the "snoodle do".

Oh yes folks good ole Veggie Tales.....Now unlike Big Momma I have a "thing" for the veggie tales, and it is because when i was prego I wanted to find the best "baby" for my baby.....

a "baby" is a stuffed animal or doll that your child can sleep with to feel comfortable, or take with him or her when he/she will be away from Mommy and Daddy for comfort. Anyway I came upon a Jr. Asparagus Doll at Target one day and I could NOT pass it was the cutest darn thing this side of the Pecos and I am SO not resembled a glow worm in that it had the glowing eyes, and when you pressed its tummy it sings "God is bigger than the boogie man" and to THIS DAY Logan sleeps with it.

Anyway, The snoodle do story is truly, in her words "the most profound cartoon she has ever seen" And ladies and gentlemen it is JUST THAT. I am BEGGING you to watch it, because it is the FIRST thing i did when i arrived home from listening to her speak....and i was JUST as moved as i am posting it below.....after you watch the two parts then read

You see, that is what tends to happen to alot of people in this world....I LOVE how Big Momma described children as being sooo confident .....think about it when you see a small child how they always shout out "LOOK AT ME" she went on to say she believes its because we are sooo fresh from heaven that we just cant help but be confident.....because we have not been sooo beat down by the world and told how worthless we are!!!!!

I love when His creator takes the pictures out of his pack and says "Dear Boy, these look nothing like you" and then paints a beautiful picture of how HE sees him......Cant you relate to the little snoodle saying "But Sir, Are you saying that's ME?" "Id like to believe it but sir I'm afraid to!!" And Gods answer "But I know who you are for i made you" I have gooseys

Think about ALL the times you have fallen and others have been faithful to remind you, Gods answer : "Ive seen you fall down in the muck and the goo, I seen ALL you've done and ALL you will do....I gave you your pack and your paints and your wings, I chose them for you, they are YOUR special things."

And for those who don't understand why God doesn't just save everyone, it is because he gave you the gift of free will....and i love how they point that out when the little snoodle asks "But sir, if you made this incredible land, cant you make snoodles obey your command" And God answers to the small "A gift that's demanded is NO gift at all."

BUT, my most favorite part of this entire cartoon is this it completely spoke for itself:

Here's what YOU look like, here's how I see you,
Put this in your pack and you'll find it will free you,
From ALL of the pictures and ALL of the lies,
that others made up just to cut down your size

And lastly, your wings
you know what they're for
They're not just to fly son

Always remember that YOU were fearfully and WONDERFULLY made by God for a purpose. He LOVES you, and wants you to SOAR.

Now go hug your children, and tell them how special they are like i did when i got home!!! :)

Love yall


Imperfect said...

Thank you for posting this! So needed to hear this and be reminded.

Anonymous said...

This made my day. Now i'm going to read the good word and snuggle up to he who created you and me.