Saturday, August 7, 2010

Summer summer summer tiiime....

Cousins camp the last week in july. We usually get all the kiddos in the family together at the Adams family Bar seven ranch for a week of fun in the sun!! this year also included a obstacle course which i sadly missed cause i was in VEGAS!!

Speaking of Vegas Check out the food my husband piled on his plate at the buffet of champions.....well thats not really what its called but thats what i called it. He literally has every piece of meat that he could get on his plate....

the ceiling at the ballagio was AMAZING....these glass flowers blew me away....isnt it gorgeous??

We had fun walkin the streets and checkin things out....but Vegas just really isnt my cup of tea....i dont know if ill go back....the time i spent with Jay was great.....and I got to relax which i needed more than u know!!!
Heres some pics from cousins camp!!
And I shall call him Mini me :) my lilest and his uncle Jake (my youngest bro)

Logan Landon and Cuzzie Cierra

i know this may seem a lil morbid, but this is where i will be buried someday, my late grannie and papa lay rest here amongst the beautiful hills.....

they call it the hill country, i call it home :)

Dad in the medina was super clear and beautiful !!

Lil man and his pop fixin the dam

Lil lizzer bug ready to go fwimmin :)

My sweet handsome Logan

The weekend before that we threw a big party for my friend Kristin for her dirty 30th bday!! We had a rasta party and it was great to see everyone. Ive known some of these peeps since i was 11 years was a blast and Kris enjoyed every minute!! Heres me the other hostesses with the mostesses and Kristin!!

I cant believe summer is coming to an end soo quick!!! I feel like it wasnt long enough!!! But ive sure had a lot on my plate!! Just started the third quarter of school and not much longer till i graduate with my LVN then on to RN sheesh this is flyin by!!!


Grand Pooba said...

You are gorgeous!!! Vegas is always so fun! And is that sushi on his plate? Mmmmmmmm!