Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Not so incredible pizza!!

So Monday was lil mans birthday and since we didn't have the kind of shindig that his big bubba had for his bday back in September we promised to take him to "incredible pizza" where the pizza is NOT so incredible, but unfortunately BOTH the boys came down with the flu this weekend, Logan's began to taper off by Sunday and by Sunday evening Landon came down with the fever, so we had to put off the pizza craziness until Tuesday Monday on his bday daddy made a steak and potato dinner!! Here is the lil man posing next to the set table. He may look well but trust me that was after much coaching!!
So then Tuesday evening after the poor lil guy laid in bed all day we told him we would take him as long as he didn't have a fever.....his fever was down most of the day so by evening time he was ready, truth be told he didn't feel so incredible but we had a good time none the less!
Jay and Landon on the go carts!

Me and Jay

Me and the boys!

We had a great time, landon was out in 2.5 seconds once we started driving! All in all he had a great birthday!!!