Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Staci in Wonderland

So this past Friday I am officially finished with classes towards my LVN!! YEEEY ME!!

So, I decided I needed a getaway, and what better place then Chulagua Ranch!! Yes what you see above is the actual ranch I went to get away, isnt it fantastic? Its for sale...anyone? anyone? haha, its owned by friends of my friends and they were gracious enough to invite me along for a weekend of rest and a lil play!!

This is actually a spring coming out of a cave....whaaaa?? yes for real, and I tasted the water....can i just say AMAZING!!!

What a view!!

This is me and Manderson with Fatima the camel, yes i said camel, and no were not in the middle east!! She apparently likes hair as much as she likes hay!

"FATIMA , EAT YOUR HAM YOU FAT LARD!!" that was for all you napoleon fans! :)

This is what we did for most of the time we were there, look at that sky!!! UGH beautiful, and peaceful!!! God I love the hill country!

This place was a little like walking into wonderland, with animals i had NEVER even heard of like:

A Nilgai (pronounce NIL-GUY)

The nilgai, sometimes called nilgau, is an antelope, and is one of the most commonly seen wild animals of central and northern India and eastern Pakistan; it is also present in parts of southern Nepal. The mature males appear ox-like and are also known as blue bulls. The nilgai is the biggest Asian antelope.

Here is Diablo, the Nilgai at the ranch, he was a little camera shy but i thought this was an amazing picture of him (shot by manderson after chasing him around on the atv's for at least an hour) in the shadows like a real demon! priceless!! They call him that because the males are the only ones that get dark the females remain a light brown, or tan color. Look at me sounding all smart! ;)

Then there are the Père David's

Père David's Deer, Elaphurus davidianus, also known as the Milu, is a species of deer known only in captivity. It prefers marshland, and is believed to be native to the subtropics of China.

I obviously did not write this information, but what you read below is what the owner of the ranch told me about these guys, and it is amazing that they have these rare deer

This species of deer was first made known to Western science in 1865, by Father Armand David (Père David), a French missionary working in China. At the time, the only surviving herd was in the Imperial Hunting Park near Peking, and belonging to the Chinese emperor. The last herd of Père David's Deer that remained in China were eaten by Western and Japanese troops that were present at the time of the Boxer Rebellion.

After Father David publicized their existence, a few animals were illegally transported to European countries for exhibitional purpose, and bred there. After the remaining population in China was extirpated, the Duke of Bedford was instrumental in saving the deer, which was already extinct by 1900 in its native China. He acquired the few remaining deer from European zoos and nurtured a herd at Woburn Abbey. Threatened again by both World Wars, the milu were saved largely because of the Duke's determination to keep them alive. The current population stems from this herd. These deer are now found in zoos around the world. Two herds of Père David's Deer were reintroduced to Nanhaizi Milu Park, Beijing, and Dafeng Reserve, Jiangsu Province, China, in the late 1980s. From the latter one, a third herd was established at the Tian'ezhou Wetland Reserve, Hebei Province in 1996. In spite of the small population size, the animals do not appear to suffer genetic problems from a genetic bottleneck, suggesting that a previous bottleneck had already removed harmful recessive alleles.

When they were assessed for the IUCN Red List (1996), they were classified as "critically endangered" in the wild, under criterion D: "[wild] population estimated to number less than 50 mature individuals". As of the latest assessment in October 2008, they are now listed as extinct in the wild.

wow right??

Then there were the Barasingha

The Barasingha and the Pere Davids may look like regular ole deer, but i kid you not these things stood 2 or 3 times bigger than a lil white tail....insane!

And the Aoudad

These guys also gave us the run around, i laughed at mandy as she raced towards them on her ATV trying to catch a pic of them and they ran up into the hills, one of them thankfully stopped to give us the "what the hell" look as you see above!

Then there were the Addax and the Arabian Oryx

These guys scared the poop outta me, everytime we got close they would turn around and give us the look of death, and with those big ole swords on their heads wouldnt you be scared too?? Seriously like some bipolar unicorns right there!!

And just to prove I wasnt such a girly girl this weekend here is a pic of me on the ATV! YEEEAH look at me go! (i was seriously tired of mandy takin pics of me so i purposely turned my head, as if that would hide me)

All In all it was a great time, lots of relaxing and playing and i am so thankful for the invite!! If by chance your a millionare and are interested in buying said place i can hook ya up!! ;)


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