Thursday, February 3, 2011


So literally for almost the 5 years that Jason and I have lived in this house our dining room has been unfinished and half of the wall painted like so:

We had plans to put a chair railing through the center of the room but just never got around to finding the time to finish it...i mean does it help that we have two boys who take up most of our time?? No? :) Well anyway one day i just turned to him and said,

"for the love lets just paint the entire room the same color and get it done!!!!"

So that we did, Jason did most the room while i concentrated on the ceiling cause he HATES taping, its not fun so i took on that part.

Here is the painted room before the decor!!

And here is the finished product!! Id say its pretty fabulous!!

Here is some of the details!

(family sign with our initials hanging)

(picture frame)

I'm so proud of the finished product, the next room we plan to fix is our bedroom!! stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Wow ... looks great!! I know exactly how you feel. We've got just the kitchen left to paint ... AND we have the paint ... but after painting 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and laundry room ... we just got painted out. Now that Ed is out of a job he says it's on his list. Right now he is doing all the fix up things he needed done outside over the years. We even have a new 16x38 foot cement patio out our sliding glass door. Trey was going to put a roof on it this month ... but since Ed got laid off ... decided it would have to wait awhile. I'm giving Ed time to get over the shock of losing his job ... he has really been struggling ... he took care of that ranch for 16 years and it was very hard for him to walk away. But ... time heals ... I hope!! But I like all he's done around here this last month ... so THAT is a good thing. Come see us!