Friday, February 4, 2011

SNOW!! Well sort of!

And we will take whatever we can, as i said in the last post its been since 1985 since San Antonio has seen snow and i tell you what our kiddos were up at the CRACK of dawn to see the wonder that was provided!!

Here is lil man makin a snow angel!!
The result

He gathered some snow in a pail so it would be easier to throw

Logan Man


My mom, stepdad and the boys, they live right down the street so they came out to play

All the kids on the street came out to play hence all the foot prints

This pic cracks me up it reminds me of the one on the post below of me and my bro,
the sun is out now, and its gorgeous, however, all the snow is melting :( but we had a blast while it lasted!! We even made a snow man!!

The kids AND daddy got a snow day!!

Thank you Lord for this amazing morning and allowing my children to see snow in San Antonio!!


The Not So Perfect Housewife said...

How fun.
Looks like when we got a lot of sleet last year here in Florida and people were making 'snowman'.. LOL.

Have a great weekend