Tuesday, March 22, 2011


So maybe since i cut my hair that inspired something within my child to want to cut his beautiful long locks of love but he said to me :
"mama, i want to cut my hair like Bubba and Dada"

I said "Landon, are u sure, u know if you cut it it will take a while to grow back?"

He said "i know mama, but i want a mohawk"

Here is my sweet baby before:

and this is where i start to panic!

Remember the early 90's skater flop? i thought it looked cute so we went with that :)

Just kidding, he wanted a mohawk so here is the final product

PSH yeah right.....no way, i compromised and he got a fauxhawk ;)

Isn't he precious??

And speaking of precious I got to hang out with one of my BEE FRI's on Friday and her lil munchkin is she a doll??

I just lub hers!!

Till next time!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

To be an 80's rocker or not to be....

So, I got a wild hair when my awesome hair stylist came to my casa to trim my hair, to cut bangs!!! WHAAT??

yea i did it and im not ashamed!!

My girl lindz said i look like Joan Jett

But im thinking more Chrissie Hynde of the pretenders ;)

Either way when i grow up i wanna be an 80's rock band lead singer so it doesnt really matter to me!! what do you think??