Tuesday, March 22, 2011


So maybe since i cut my hair that inspired something within my child to want to cut his beautiful long locks of love but he said to me :
"mama, i want to cut my hair like Bubba and Dada"

I said "Landon, are u sure, u know if you cut it it will take a while to grow back?"

He said "i know mama, but i want a mohawk"

Here is my sweet baby before:

and this is where i start to panic!

Remember the early 90's skater flop? i thought it looked cute so we went with that :)

Just kidding, he wanted a mohawk so here is the final product

PSH yeah right.....no way, i compromised and he got a fauxhawk ;)

Isn't he precious??

And speaking of precious I got to hang out with one of my BEE FRI's on Friday and her lil munchkin is she a doll??

I just lub hers!!

Till next time!!


Grand Pooba said...

Okay so you and your BEE FRI have set up an arranged marriage for those two right? Right??

Staci said...

haha all my bee fris have girls, and he is in demand!! hmm what to do, maybe we can have a reality show about it...sorta like the bachelor....:)

Grand Pooba said...

Staaaaacers! Wake up and come enter my giveaway. $50 Target GC is up for grabs and for a good cause!!