Wednesday, June 29, 2011


So my boys left this morning to go to Boston :( I got left behind and im a lil emotional that i didn't get to experience the looks on their faces as they took their first flight. I will meet up with them on Friday but still.....makes me sad...and i hate being alone...ugh!

But aren't they cute??

Heres landon watching the planes take off....

Oh yea, and did i mention we got kittens.....cute arent they?

they might be cute but seriously they are such lil punks....ive been scratched about a bujillion times while im sitting on the couch for no reason, they just attack me, or try to climb my legs....

guess thats what i get.....

getting two at the same time was my brilliant idea. And it just so happens that is a true statement....i AM brilliant. :) they NEVER cry because they have each other, and they pretty much entertain one another except for when they are attacking me. Ill have to post some videos....i could watch them for hours they are hilarious!!

if you cant find me this weekend ill be in BOSTON!! trying out a irish pub or two, and takin in a RED SOX game on 4th of July!


Dont be jealous that I got to go see this AMAZING concert

OMG they were seriously amazing, and i am ever so impressed at how well they dance STILL!!

Me and Manderson!

I had an absolute BLAST that was MUCH needed! AND i am flying into the New Kids turf on Friday and get to go to a RED SOX game HOLLA!!

Cant wait till they come again....fantastic show!!!